Previously we provided updates and commentary on DC Entertainments’ upcoming PG-13 animated DVD, BATMAN: UNDER THE RED HOOD.

Today DC has announced that in addition to the DVD release this summer, a six issue mini-series entitled RED HOOD: THE LOST YEARS will be released during the same timeframe (specific release dates have yet to be announced).

The series will be scribed by the man behind the return of Jason Todd, Judd Winnick, and will essentially fill in the blanks between the time Todd was resurrected to the point he first re-appeared.

I am not a huge Winnick fan, but if there is any character he knows, it is Jason Todd. I enjoyed his Outsiders run to a point, but his Nightwing characterization was way off. He wrote Dick Grayson more like Jason Todd, hence… he knows how to write Jason Todd better than any other super hero that he has written. Not only that, but dare I say that he has written Todd better than any writer after him? I do have a great appreciation for what Grant Morrison has done with the character, namely pulling in the pre-crisis continuity, but the costume in the Winnick run was more feasible for his character type.

If Winnick does hold true to the “Jason having naturally red hair” and the “resurrection via Lazarus pit” I will have much respect for him. If he incorporates Superboy Prime punches or ignore the established Morrison continuity, I will not.

Judd Winnick had this comment on the DCU blog: “I’m thrilled to return to this character, and it’s both a joy and challenge to tackle this new story. LOST DAYS tracks the time from the Red Hood’s rebirth to his return to Gotham. In it, we get to understand this anti-hero in a new way. I think it explains both how he’s sympathetic, and an unrepentant monster. He’s a wonderfully complex character, and I hope this adds some even greater depth to his mythology.”

While I don’t think DC should have brought Jason Todd back, now that he is here we are stuck with him. It would be ridiculous if they killed him off, so why not make him into a solid character. And this is a step in the right direction. Don’t even get me started on COUNTDOWN…

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