This time last week I thought the talk of the town would be the new Dark Knight Rises teaser. Complete with it's mere seconds of new footage I salivated as I slept and dreamt of the finale to Chris Nolan's masterpiece. Surely, this is the best part of Harry Potter weekend.

            Not to be outdone by DCE, Marvel Studios had different plans.. only they didn't know it.

            Like thunder from the gods, a bootleg video showing first the Easter egg scene from the end of this summers upcoming Captain America crashed into the internet. Best part is, it was accompanied by a trailer for The Avengers!

            Tony Stark, Nick Fury, Thor, Hawkeye, Cap in the classic costume, Bruce Banner... they were all there. It was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. Of course Disney has managed to purge every shred of the video from the web... but they can't take my memories.

Scheduled Release Date: May 4, 2012

            While Dark Knight Rises is only a teaser, I think a lot can be deciphered from this one. More common in fan trailers than official teasers, this preview contained a majority of footage from the previous two films. I like that, and that fact, couple with the Ra's Al Ghul narration leads me to believe that the League of Shadows will return in some form.

            We can also decipher from Commissioner Gordan's monologue that Batman has been in exile since The Dark Knight.

            And speaking of the League (no not that one, the other one), what better way would they have at getting back at the man who essentially killed their leader, then by hiring a killing machine to take him out? Perhaps the ninja's are the one's chanting as Bane decimates
Bats .

Scheduled Release Date: July 20, 2012

            As if these were not enough, out of nowhere the first trailer for Amazing Spider-Man hits mid-week.

            The reboot appears to be giving us a much darker version of Peter Parker. To the point where he physically appears less interested in science and more interested in slitting his wrists.

            It also seems like they may be setting up the Peter Parker's parents are secret agents storyline, which I find interesting.

            This trailer reminded me of the early leaked Thor trailer from last year, which had little to no special effects. Surely the end sequence of this trailer with Spidey swinging the streets can't be in the final product of the film... can it?

Release Date: July 3, 2012

  • Check out the new trailers for Dark Knight Rises and Amazing Spider-Man in the margin of this page (unfortunately Avengers had to be removed). We will continue to add the newest trailers as they are released.