In January Adventure Comics #6, written by Geoff Johns with art and covers by Francis Manapul, was probably one of the best, if not the best, comics released the first month of 2010 (I guess making it holder of the "best comic of the year" title for a hot minute..but too soon to go there). Needless to say Adventure Comics #7 had a lot to live up to. Not to mention this issue is written by the man DC recently announced would fill the big shoes of Pete Tomasi on Green Lantern Corps, current writer of R.E.B.E.L.S. Tony Bedard (click here for DC's official post-Blackest Night GLC on-going sries writer announcement: Living in Florida, Crossgen Comics was pushed on me from day one and I always enjoyed a few titles until their bankruptcy. My favorite, by far was Negation written by Tony Bedard. His 'Kiss Kiss Bang Bang' series was great fun too and I looked forward especially to the mini-series 'Negation War' that promised to wrap up the Negation series, I looked foward to it all the way up until the final day of the local company. So I'm a fan.
    In my opinion Bedard delivered on this issue and proved that he not only has the chops to take over writing the Corps for Tomasi, but that he knows his history of the DCU. This issue is a must for any fan of Conner Kent. Since Blackest Night began I have been waiting for a reference to Conner's regerating corpse that is buried not so deep below the Fortess of Solitude. This issue was a lot more than that though.
    The art was a noticeable step down from Manapul's pencils, but actually preferred Travis Moore this week much more than say, Cameron Stewart, who was highly hyped as penciller on the current Batman and Robin arc, which had issue 8 leased this week. 
    Bedard gave a great deal of internal dialogue for our hero. He was basically trapped inside of his own body as it was controlled by the black ring causing him to kick the crap out of his own girlfriend, Wonder Girl. A moment wrapped in her lasso of truth gave Conner the seconds he needed to call Krypto who gets blown by freeze breath from the zombie Superboy. The inner boy then reflects on how he does not have that power. Conner is able to break free for a second one more time and give Wonder Girl a short message, "Fortress." This got mevery curious as to where this all was heading. We find out only a few pages later as Black Lantern Conner is going in for the kill, but his ring begins to leave him.
    "There's technically TWO Conner Kents on Earth" is the caption as we see Krypto holding up the carcass of Superboy which was placed there by the LOSH Starman during the 'Legion of Three Worlds' mini-series, in which Superboy first returned after his death two years prior in the pages of 'Infinite Crisis.' 
    This was a much welcomed reference. Initially when 'Blackest Night' began I craved a Superboy vs Black Lantern Superboy battle, but the nod is just as well as I can imagine the difficulties in having the early in time yet part of the same time corpse of Superboy could be a bit convulted. 
    But I digress... as the ring flies from live Superboy to not so live Superboy, Conner busts out the freeze breath and Wonder Girl throws the ice chunk Black ring into space. Conner and crew then fly off to "make death wait another day."
    Really liked the book from a Superboy point of view. I did not like, however, that the ring was taken off of Conner during this series, rather than the main Blackest Night book where it was first placed on him. A nice follow-up to Legion of Three Worlds within the Blackest Night story confines, nonetheless, in addition to being a step out of space and onto earth for the destined for comics greatness Tony Bedard.