2010 isn’t even half way over. The summer movie season of 2010 has only just begun and we still have INCEPTION, SCOTT PILGRIM VS THE WORLD and a host of other fine films headed our way in just a few short months. So how about we talk about stuff that we can’t see for another whole year instead?


·         Transformers 3 – Not sure how anticipated this one is after the mounds of criticism the second installment received. Most of those complaints, IMO, are unjustified. Obviously the film struggled with continuity issues, plot holes and robot heaven (which I believe, contrary to popular belief, was actually supposed to be a world inside the matrix), but these are not issues  that most people usually gripe over with this movie. Most say it lacked “feeling.” Even Shia himself said it was bad because it lacked a “human element.” Human element? It’s a movie about big alien robots. Why would anyone go to see these popcorn flicks for anything more than explosions or battle scenes? Since when did a summer action blockbuster have to have feeling? It’s as if people are going to the movies for some sort of spiritual experience. Yes, Megan Fox is a terrible actor. Who cares? I am there to hear the voice of Peter Cullen exhaled from a CGI semi. Give me a break people. Thus far we know Megan Fox is out and Skids and Mudflap are in. Shia has said that this will be “the craziest action movie of all time” and it sounds like the Decepticons will be hunting humans. As always, rumors are flying that Unicron will be the big baddie.


·         X-Men: First Class – Talk about train wrecks… Two terrible films later the franchise is heading into the next decade with what will most likely be a soft reboot. Soft reboot to me means, “keep the other movies in mind, but it doesn’t really matter if you contradict them.” In the words of Han Solo and pretty much every other Star Wars character, “I have a bad feeling about this.” Bryan Singer is involved, but not directing, so semblance of continuity may be maintained.  All that we know for certain at this point is that Matthew Vaughn is directing and his constant collaborator Jane Goldman is currently writing the screenplay. The rest is mainly speculation at this point, but a true prequel to the original trilogy will most likely include Cyclops and Jean Grey (Marvel Girl?), hopefully with Cyclops in a role that doesn’t require the character to be a complete wimp and pansy. If continuity sticks from the third film we can add Beast to the roster and based on movie continuity Storm is a shoe in. Singer is on record as stating with the movie will focus heavily on the relationship between Xavier and Magneto (joy!).  


·         Green Lantern – This is it! DC comics, now DC Entertainment, finally steps out of the shadow of the Bat, puts Superman on the shelf and introduces the movie going public to a beloved character who resides outside of their “trinity.” Green Lantern is undoubtedly their most popular character presently with the fan favorite SINESTRO WAR storyline and it’s companywide cross-over follow-up BLACKEST NIGHT. This movie is long overdue, but at least current technology can support the vision, so hopefully it has been worth the wait. Apparently, the filmmakers are using modern filmmaking devices to their advantage as film star Ryan Reynolds wears only a gray suit and the Green Lantern suit will be superimposed for the film using CGI. Hector Hammond has been confirmed as a villain in the film and according to the rumor mill (and a leaked script) a character named Legion will be a second villain, while the man Hal Jordan antagonist from the funny books, Sinestro, will remain a member of the Green Lantern Corps for the entirety of this film (presumably setting the stage for him to be the villain in a yet unannounced sequel). This one has the makings of everything fans want, a popular yet untainted by Hollywood character, a story that sticks to the source material, solid actors, epic stories and loads of CGI. Beware its power!


·         Captain America: The First Avenger – We have probably commented on this film more than any other comic related property since the creation of this blog. Why? Because we love Cap! Who doesn’t? He loves and defends his homeland, but is willing to stand up against the power that be if they try to oppress her citizens. Golden. We were sketchy on a lot of the comments made by the director such as him stating that the movie would mainly focus on the weakling Steve Rogers and that the film is a 1940’s period piece. But nothing was as unsettling as his statement that Captain America would not be a part of the American military. It doesn’t jive, no matter how you think about it. Well, in the words of C3p0 “thank the maker” for Joss Whedon who is rumored to be conducting a rewrite of the script. Joss is highly respected within the geek culture, comic community and sci-fi fanatics, but highly underrated among the viewing public at large. With the announcement that he will be directing the Avengers, I have a feeling that times are a changing for our Firefly father. Chris Evans, who is already in a slew of comic book movies, elevates his nerd status in the starring as Steve Rogers himself. Killer character actor Hugo Weaving plays Red Skull and Sam Jackson has stated that he will reprise his Nick Fury role so this is shaping up to be a solid addition to the Marvel film franchise.


·         Thor – This will be the one to kick off the season next year. I have to admit that I have never been a big Thor fan. I have loved the Avengers a long time, but Thor solo was never my thang. So I am utterly shocked at how excited I am over this movie. The director has stated they are sticking to the feel of the JMS series (which is a Thor series I thoroughly enjoyed). The official Marvel press release states: “The Mighty Thor, a powerful but arrogant warrior whose reckless actions reignite an ancient war. Thor is cast down to Earth and forced to live among humans as punishment. Once here, Thor learns what it takes to be a true hero when the most dangerous villain of his world sends the darkest forces of Asgard to invade Earth.” We can assumed that the “most dangerous villain” is Loki and the “darkest forces” is the Thor villain Destroyer. I am also a big fan of relative unknowns in the superhero starring role, as it seems THOR’s Chris Hemsworth is. This one has all the makings to be the sleeper hit of the summer, but only time will tell.


Of course two Years away, in 2012, we have Batman 3, Star Trek 2, The Avengers, G.I. Joe 2, and the Spider-Man reboot. It’s like all of our childhood dreams come to life… either that or nightmares.

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