This Blackest Night crossover comic marks the seventh issue in the rise of the dead comics series (for lack of a better term). DC did a great job with these books and to my knowledge this was the first time a single issue of a long cancelled series has been released to both continue the series, in a sense, in addition to taking place in the universe spanning (or should I say multiverse spaning). Cool concept that resulted in a lot of cool stories, including Atom and Hawkman #46.

    This issue was written by the man behind Blackest Night, Geoff Johns, so it the odds wre in this books favor to be a winner from the start. And from the start of the book it takes you deeper into who Ray Palmer behind the Atom mask. I'm very grateful for the reminder of Atom's adventures in the miniature land of Morlaidh. This also helps to explain Ray's current costume change as an Indigo lantern and actually helps it make sense on why he was chosen by the Indigo's, for their similar taste in fashion. Well, that and of course Ray Palmer's ability to feel great compassion. One last comment on the Morlaidh aspect of the story, I like that they are bringing this piece of Atom's past to the forefront. It helps provide a fuller, richer history to the character. 

    I love the quote on page one regarding the personality of Ray Palmer, "As you sought out the answers to life, you withdrew from it." Which is a great explanation of this characters personality, especially based on his actions at the end of "Identity Crisis" in addition to the previously referenced "Sword of the Atom" mini. Speaking of Identity Crisis, it feels like we are finally getting some Atom pay-off from the end of that story. We've had Countdown - Search for Ray Palmer and his participation in Final Crisis, but neither felt like enough. Now we have a story with Atom, front and center, showing us what type of hero he is.