Grant Morrison's reign over Dick Grayson's life is over. While Morrison states he will miss writing or "hanging out" (as he puts it) with the characters Grayson and his own creation, Damian Wayne, I have to wonder why he ended his run on their series with Bruce Wayne making the save, when it is their book??

Regardless, Doctor Who writer Paul Cornell is now scribe before Tomasi takes over next year.

It is interesting that DC chose Scott McDaniel as artist, being as he illustrated the first forty or so issues of Nightwing, however I am not certain he was the best choice. Personally, I preferred Greg Land back in the 90's Nightwing days. McDaniel always left me feeling disconnected or as if the story wasn't really happening in the DCU. Maybe that's just me..

The story opens with what seems to be a Graduate spoof, ala Wayne's World, only action based and in tights.

A couple pages into the book Damian reminds us that we are living in  a Batman Inc world with a monologue stating "the return of the original [has] given everyone license to be their own sort of Batman... in your case, worryingly jolly Batman..." And with that Cornell continues the theme set by Morrison in reversing the traditional attitudes of Batman and Robin. The only difference now is everything feels a bit more blatant where as with Grant's story all of these elements were much more subtle. But it's ultimately just a different writing style.

The plot involves the murder of a former girlfriend of Bruce Wayne named Una Nemo. Dick Grayson's desire is to solve the murder mystery before Bruce finds out, which is pretty dang cool.

Another of my favorites moments is when Alfred is asked if he knew the victim. It is implied that she was not one of Bruce's real love interests, but rather a girl that he would be seen around town with to keep up the farce of the Bruce Wayne mask. The part I really like in Alfred re-telling is the revelation that Bruce never took advantage of the women that he was not in love with. Solid ethics as always from Bats.

The issue ends with a supernatural twist that holds true to the tone set by Morrison in the initial sixteen issues.

I have to be honest and say that I was disappointed when I first learned that Tomasi was not immediately taking the reigns on this series because I love his take on Grayson in Nightwing, however I think I am going to enjoy this ride.