This book was a nice little set-up issue for the rest of the story arc. We basically have these bookends on the plot, where the book starts with Grayson carrying the body of Bruce Wayne from below the bat cave and the book ends with where he took the corpse and why he took it there. The opening scene alone sort of furthers the confusion over whose skull Black Hand carried around and temporarily re-animated in the Blackest Night mini? The obvious answer, of course, is that it was a corpse of the clones that were being created in Final Crisis. But now the question expands to why... why is there a corpse with Black Hand and a different Batman corpse with Grayson? My guess is that this issue of Batman and Robin takes place after the Blackest Night series, but I am anxious for an explanation in the coming months to this conundrum.


            Wedged in the middle of these bookends is the actual plot to this issue. We have Batman teaming with Squire while Damian is somewhere else, in an advanced healing chamber, courtesy of Mommy Al Ghul. We can see how the events in this issue are the beginning of the set up for the upcoming "Batman vs. Robin" arc, as Talia comments on how Damian's time as Robin is just a phase he is going through. As is it is a sort of rebellion against the parent that raised him. This is an interesting concept and furthers my anticipation for the next arc.


            Not that Iā€™m wishing this one away because it held my interest and kept me wanting more. The end did confuse me just a bit, when Batwoman literally exploded onto the scene. Apparently, England's Batman located a missing Lazarus pit and helped Grayson dump Bruce's body into the pit before Grayson, Squire or the spontaneously combustible Batwoman hit the scene. I guess Tim really is the superior detective as over in his book, he deduced that Bruce is time skipping, while Dick still believes the Alpha Bat to be rotting in his basement. Anyway, Grayson apparently planned with the English Batman to use the missing Lazarus pit to resurrect old Brucey, but I gots a feeling that a battle will ensue next issue with this Dark Knight of the living dead.  


            So, fellow detectives, we can deduce from this issue that we are in the arc that was teased in issue one where Batman and Batwoman face off against zombie Batman. This also tells us that the scene we saw in the teaser was not a preview for the final arc of the series (I assume the final arc will contain Black Hand?). Also, another question that has to be asked is will the resurrected Batman fight the Bat Family because he is simply crazed due to the effects of the Lazarus pit or is it because he is not the real Bruce Wayne? Will this be the catalyst for Grayson to finally learn the truth that his little bro has been telling him this entire time? Is it not just a coincidence that Tim will be returning to Gotham in his arc that runs concurrently with this arc?


            After reading this book I have a lot of questions; enough questions and interest to keep me coming back for more. Obviously, the book does not have the same type of momentum that it possessed with the first arc, but it's still one of the best on-going superhero series month to month in my opinion.