After twenty five years of being a wrestling fan I suppose I consider myself to be a “smart mark,” which is wrestling jargon for a fan who thinks he knows the ins and outs of the business.  Perhaps this is why after reading an article online about how Bret had been training hard the last three weeks and that at Wrestlemania we might see a glimpse of “the old Hitman”, I flushed away fifty five dollars of my hard earned money on a match that was seven minutes of complete garbage.  Listen, I’m not insensitive to the fact that Bret has suffered  horrible trauma of both a  physical and emotional nature and I wouldn’t have held it against if he never returned to the ring.  In fact, Bret himself said he wouldn’t return to the ring because of fear of being reinsured and that he simply didn’t want to perform at a sub par level.    Bret to me always seemed like a guy that to such pride in delivering an amazing in ring performance which is why I was so flabbergasted with the seven minute debacle he and McMahon put together last night. 

                Bret’s first mistake, wearing t-shirt, leather jacket, and his jean shorts to the ring. Understanding that this particular ensemble encapsulates the “Hitman” character, it set a signal to me that Bret was obviously in horrible physical condition and that he didn’t want the fans to get a peak at his flabby Roddy Piper like body.  Not to mention that I’d imagine it’s difficult to perform any sort of offensive maneuver in a pair of jean shorts that look like they were a gift from the cast of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” The announcers shrugged Bret’s ring attire by saying “well Bret said this was a fight and I guess he came here to fight and not to wrestle.”  Well back in 2002 in Shawn Michaels come back match, they worked the same angle and Shawn delivered a match of the year caliber performance.  Before this match I’d imagine myself to be on of Bret’s strongest supporters,  admiring him for never coming back once he said he was retired, and that always seemed to have a sense of morality no wanting to be a labeled a hypocrite for returning to a place he claimed he’d never work for again.

                The match itself was highlighted with the Hart’s swerving Mr. McMahon who though he’d hired Bret’s own family to screw him over one more time.  However, Bret proclaimed that, “the Hart’s are now united and that this is going to be forever remembered as the night Bret screwed Vince.”  Credit goes to Vince because after Bret made this statement Vince proceeded to take bump after bump including nearly fifteen consecutive chair shots from Bret himself.  This being a “fight.” we didn’t get one wrestling hold from Bret before the finish.  No Russian leg sweep, no Canadian backbreaker, no top rope superplex, nothing but a bunch of shots from crowbars and chairs accompanied by vicious kicks to the bread basket and a sharpshooter that looked like it  was applied by my eight year old sister.  It became painfully obvious that Bret was either physically unable or simply unwilling to take any sort of bump making his motivation for this entire three month long angle all to apparent.  For all his morality and pride, Bret the “Hitman” Hart returned simply for the money.  Well Bret, you got my fifty five dollars, and it all it cost you was my respect.