With stylized fight scenes, a quirky cast of characters and Jason Patrick’s totally over the top performance as “Max” (an unconscionable evil super genius), The Losers was a movie I was glad I finally got to see. Unfortunately, with a disappointing opening week of nine million dollars world wide, it’s unlikely too many people will get a look at the film before it ends up on DVD. Don’t get me wrong, I know the plot of mercenaries with hearts of gold who use tranquilizer darts and don’t seem to like to kill is a little unrealistic, but it was interesting to see a movie with enough action to wet your lips, with out having to go Robocop/Red Dawn-rated R on the audience. As I said, I’m sure mercenaries who hardly curse and follow their nieces girls soccer team online are few and far between, but I’d imagine that the director and studio where motivated by potential box office (that they didn’t get) in the hopes of turning this movie into a franchise.

        One problem I had with the film was that a driving force of it’s appeal was super badass bazooka wielding femme fatale Zoë Saldana (of Avatar fame). Some people might find it sexy when the daughter of a drug czar (as Saldana’s character Aisha was in this film) is single handedly able to take on dozens of well trained special forces operatives. I, on other hand, find it to be total crap. Not to rain on anyone’s parade, or to sound sexist, but Saldana’s big fight scene with Colonel Casey (played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan of Watchmen fame) is ridiculous. In combat, men are simply stronger, faster, and more violent. Why do you think they don’t have men vs. women mixed martial arts matches. Saldana certainly added sex appeal, but she’s a big reason why the film seems like a lot of other action movies I’ve already seen.

        Chris Evans character Jensen was one of the saving graces of the film. Packed with sarcasm and general ludicrous mannerisms, that you’d expect to see from Steve Carrel on The Office, Jensen is something you wouldn’t expect to see in your typical testosterone fest. Evans has started to show at least some range as an actor, and I’ll admit that this film certainly showcases that he has the physical ability to pull off his upcoming role as Captain America. 

        Idris Elba (The Wire and The Office) added some realism to the picture with his gritty and gruff delivery and he also happened to be the only guy who seemed tough enough to actually be working as a trained government killer. The writer was reaching when he set this film up for a sequel, and some of the verbose inflated action scenes certainly let you know that this film was adapted from a comic. Nonetheless this movie is worth a peek once it hits Netflix or On Demand, or do like I do and download it from one of the various torrent sites. Don’t hold your breathe waiting for “The Losers 2,” otherwise you might end up dead, but I'm sure they might reboot it in five or six... months.