Yesterday posted a quite compelling letter from Jerry Siegel's widow, Joanne Siegel. Jerry Siegel, of course, is the co-creator of the Superman character along with Joe Shuster. The letter is addressed to the current CEO of Time Warner, Jeffrey L. Bewkes, and is an odd amalgam of a request, a threat and a plea wrapped in sweet charm from the ninety-plus year old spitfire. 

        Fast forward one day. Creator of DC Comics character Black Lightning, Tony Isabella, posted said link to his Facebook wall. Me, being his ever-loving Facebook friend, decided to post my somewhat tongue-in-cheek opinion on the subject as a response. I was incredibly surprised at my results. I instantly found myself ridiculed by Mr. Isabella and removed from his friends list.

        Here is how the conversation went down:

  • C.f. Arnold III sounds like a bunch of greedy ppl to me, DC and the heirs BOTH
    4 hours ago
  • Tony Isabella Bullshit, Arnold III. The heirs are claiming their rights under copyright law. Honestly, I'm tired of hearing crap like yours from ignorant fanboys. Go pleasure yourself.

         Ouch! Was it something I said? Guess this is a sore spot for Tony, who has voiced his bitterness at DC over every way they have handled, mishandled and manhandled his creations in the past.          

        As far as the Superman situation goes, I stand by my (one line) comment. Both parties are exhibiting a certain level of greed. Tony is correct that the heirs are using the current copyright law to claim the money (albeit not the law that was in place when Big Blue was created), but just cause it's legal don't mean it ain't greed!

        WB/DC was sure greedy under the old law, when they had every right (under said law) to not pay a pretty penny. Was it ethical? Absolutely not! DC/WB is no picture of innocence. Time Warner, who is a mega-company monolith, has committed numerous "legal" atrocities in the past.

        Presently the heirs have been paid hand over fist for, unlike in Tony's case, something that is not even their own creation or work. The Siegel/Shuster heirs receive profits made on Superman related properties and merchandise to this day and the Siegel and Shuster names will forever be immortalized as they are permanently linked to the character. To me, the heirs want to live out their lives "rent free," so to speak. Make no mistake, the children from both camps and countless other family members are drooling all over the potentially free money. No doubt they see how the heirs of the Walt Disney camp live on easy street and the Siegel/Shuster;s want their piece of the action. Joanne Siegel's letter goes far deeper than just being about the poor elderly widow. Anyone who has even paid minute attention to this case knows that there are a lot of interested parties involved. Lots of facets, lots of ins-and-outs. 

        With that being said, I am a huge Black Lightning fan though, but I much prefer interpretations of the character post-Tony, after DC eliminated the racial stereo-types that Mr. Isabella created.

        Sadly, this isn’t the first time that a pseudo-celebrity has removed and blocked me on Facebook for simply commenting on one of their posts (and then proceed to personally attack my character).

        Over a year ago I was ridiculed and removed from George "the Animal" Steele’s Facebook friend list after commenting on his posts in support of Linda Mcmahon’s U.S. Senate campaign. In that instance I simply asked George why his peers, Bruno Sammartino and "Superstar" Billy Graham, were conducting interviews in opposition to McMahon's efforts stating she was, in summary, a greedy crook (sound familiar?). The Animal, not being content with simply telling me I am a know nothing twit on his wall, then proceeded to carry his argument over to my wall before removing and blocking me. 

If the truth be known Superstar wrestled for
the WWF when Vince's dad owned the company. Superstar got free
handouts when Linda and her family took ownership of the company.

        It is worth noting that I have been in multiple on-line "arguments" with John Wesley Ship (former star of The Flash television series) over disagreements regarding both politics and religion (both deep heart-felt subjects), but he has always welcomed rebuttals and fires back with the best of them. Him and I are still Facebook friends to this day, regardless of spats and, while he may attack specfic ideals or beliefs that I hold dear, he never resorts to childish name calling. If he doesn't like what I have to say he tells me how it is and puts me in my place.

        There is a big differences between John Wesley Shipp and Tony Isabella or even Shipp and Steele, John Wesley is an actual celebrity. Guess that’s what separates the “class acts” from the “animals.”

        I love DC Comics.