A long time ago I can remember being both a Star Wars fan and a Star Trek fan simultaneously. I still am, but while I always liked Trek, historically I was a full on Star Wars freak. I remember balling my eyes out when I accidentally broke the head off of my Darth Vader action figure as a young child. As a teenager I remember sneakily reading Young Jedi novels during classes in high school (yes, I’m that kind of nerd). I even loved Attack of the Clones and watched it multiple times at the cinema (on DVD I fast forward through the Anakin/Padme scenes though).

        But recently, I don’t know if I’m just getting old or turning to the darkside, but I’ve began rejecting the power of the force inside of me. Maybe my midichlorian count isn’t as high as originally thought. I confess… I now prefer Star Trek to Star Wars. I am a Star Wars apostate.

            I’ve never been, and still am not, one of those “us vs them” type of fanboys. The type who believes you can only be a fan of one or the other. As a kid I loved the TOS films (the even numbered ones anyway) and faithfully tuned in every Sunday night to watch TNG. Later the TNG movies, specifically FIRST CONTACT and NEMESIS, blew me away, but they couldn’t hold a candle to the STAR WARS SAGA in my mind.
What was it that caused my conversion from Star Warshipper to Trekker ? No, it wasn’t the J.J. Abrams flick, even though it is cool and I anxiously await the sequel, I actually still prefer the original continuity. I appreciate all the realities though and by no means am I some sort of Star Trek fundamentalist.  No, my conversion actually occurred due to Enterprise. Yes, ENTERPRISE the series.

            Thank the Maker for Netflix which equipped me with the entire series so I could finally watch it soup to nuts. Admittedly, I wasn’t a fan when Enterprise was actually on the air. Even my unhealthy man-crush on Scott Bakula wasn’t enough to get me to tune in each week. I just couldn’t get past that opening theme song. Call me petty, cause I was. Now I’m in love with the damn song. I sing it to myself at night instead of counting sheep. At some point I plan to cover it and upload the track to my soundcloud page (yes, I’m that kind of dork).
I’m not sure if Enterprise is even my favorite Trek series. It’s just that while watching that glorious show it struck; this junk has better continuity than the Star Wars prequel trilogy. And the Star Wars prequels had the original creator working on them for Surak’s sake!

            Are there any contradictions in ENTERPRISE? Sure, but they are extremely minimal in comparison to the train wreck that is the prequel trilogy. Lucas forgot to film the scene where Obi-Wan gets Anakin’s lightsabre and they had to go back in post-production to film it! Man, c’mon.  Star Wars is Lucas’ baby. How can you forget something so pivotal as that? Other creator’s are in noway so careless with their original creations. Take David Lynch with his Twin Peaks prequel for example. Nothing so glaring in the FIRE WALK WITH ME film at all.

            It is obvious from the dialogue in A NEW HOPE that Anakin and Lars were close brothers. In the prequels they only met once or twice. In JEDI Leia is very clear that she remembers her mother, yet Padme died in labor. In ESB Vader pays no mind to the droids, yet Anakin built 3P0? Man c’mon!
I sat there watching ENTERPRISE and thought to myself, this television show reminds me of why I am a comic book fan. Continuity.  At the heart of it that’s why I love comic books, and the continuity in Trek is far superior to that of Star Wars. So it makes sense, I must convert to Trekker.

            Of course Enterprise isn’t perfect, but the biggest continuity error is what, the shape of the ship? Or maybe it’s that there’s only one console on the bridge for flight control instead of a helm and navigation station? Man c’mon. There isn't anything canonically wrong with it. Okay, there are other things like the Borg or the existence of cloaking, but really these pale in comparison to the Star Wars continuity problems, imho.
While I now prefer Star Trek to Star Wars, I don’t like Star Wars any less. And let me clarify by saying it is the series as a whole I prefer and not any single movie. For example, I am not so jaded as to not still know that EMPIRE STRIKES BACK (the best Star Wars movie) is still better than WRATH OF KHAN (the best Star Trek movie). And even though I prefer Star Trek as a whole to Star Wars, I still prefer Doctor Who to Star Trek… but I digress.

            In closing I gotta give a shout out to Scott Bakula (cause I’m sure he’s reading this)… Mr. Bakula, once again in my life, you put right what once went wrong.