There are good movies and great television, but the majority, quite honestly, is simply wretched. All different genres of novels as well as non-fiction books a plenty are available in book stores across the globe, yet decades ago Egon Spangler proclaimed that “print is dead.”  Arguably the most important info out there, whether it be in print or on screen is “news.” And how depressing is that? Typically, if it’s not bad news… it’s not news. Every passing generation swears up and down that the world is in a worse state of affairs than it was “in their day, the good old days…” The closer we pay attention to the world around us, the more out of our own control it all feels. And that is just on the world/national stage. In many of our own personal lives, relationships are broken daily. And even if we are in a good place family and friend wise, many of us are struggling financially or maybe not… Maybe it’s that we have a tough time just simply relating to other people, or socializing in general, which can be a major cause of frustration and heartache. Possibly, none of these things are of concern to you… but all around you the degradation of humankind is slowly chipping away at your soul… For some the seemingly sheer ignorance of the people surrounding them is enough to make someone want to wear cement shoes and take a walk at the bottom of the bay. Yeah... life sucks. Want my advice? Read more comic books.