From the moment Chris Nolan officially confirmed that he has begun work on the third and final installment of the epic and already legendary Batman series, the internet has been on fire with every minute detail on almost a daily basis.

This week Nolan has been interviewing females ages 20-30 and the web has been ablaze with rumors of the many character possibilities. Will she be Wayne's girlfriend? Batman's villain? Or even Commissioner Gordon's girlfriend?

The recurring theme in each is that she, whoever "she" is, is a love interest. 

Now what I would love to see is Talia Al Ghul attempt to clean up Gotham on behalf of her father, as the new leader of the League of Assassins/Shadows. This would neatly tie up the trilogy and also open the possibility of a Ra's cameo which could gently touch on the Lazarus pits and immortality of the Demon's Head."Ra's Ghul is immortal" afterall, as stated in Begins. And if Talia was to also be the sort of anti-love interest, who is to say that we wouldn't see the film end with her being pregnant with Bruce's child, who off camera we know will one day grow into young demented Damien Wayne...

Catwoman is another obvious option for the female lead and she would have similar story results as Talia would, only without the continuity bagage of a prior film to keep up with. Essentially, they are character who can both simultaneously as both villains and love interests, however Catwoman is arguably the single most important character in Batman's Rogue's Gallery, second only to the Joker. Obviously we do not want the love story to tread too closely to the Burton/Schumacher world, which a Catwoman story has the threat of doing, but I've always seen Bruce Wayne/Batman attracted more to the Catwoman identity, not the Selina Kyle "mask." That angle alone would immediately set it apart from what has been presented on film in the past with Batman Returns.

Another favorite for female lead on the fanboy short list is Harley Quinn, but I just can't see this working. Now.. if we had Johnny Depp playing a Joker locked away in Arkham receiving therapy session from Dr. Quinzel.. that I could see working.

Without Joker to introduce her though, it just wouldn't be the same. But would I love seeing? Absolutely!

None of these possibilities seem to be the case, however as "The Comic Book Movie Scooper" has reported that the role of love interest for Bruce Wayne is the Julie Madison character who briefly appeared in Batman and Robin... Huh?... What?... Is this just a rumor or is it for real?

Is a non-villain female love interest even unnecessary in a third installment? There is no planned sequel to play it out and there has ben no build-up to make it meaningful...

While Batman may have a lot of old flames in the books, his character is not someone necessarily synonymous with being in a relationship. Quite the contrary, he is known as a life long loner. Plus, in Nolan-verse continuity he has seen the danger his lifestyle brings on others. How in a two and a half hour third film could it be conveyed that a new character is worth all of that risk? I just don't see it. Not unless she too already lives that type of life (*cough* Talia, *cough* Catwoman).

Not sure what's worse, another Bruce Wayne girlfriend or the rumor that Gordon may be getting involved with a new flame... since his wife left him after he faked his death without telling her and then almost got her and their kid killed...

Even if this rumored female lead is not also the villain, and even if Bruce's new girlfriend is a character from the worst Batman movie in history I still am a firm believer in Nolan's knows best. His real world take on Batman is more than just a couple great comic book superhero movies, they're a couple of great movies.