Boring.. is not the word for this book. It’s been twenty four years since TICK #1 first hit the comic book stands and it still isn’t boring. How much sweeter of an origin can you have? A guy busts out of a mental hospital because he is bored and claims to be a tick themed super hero. Genius!

To me, the jokes still hold up and the art is beautiful. There is something to be said about good black and white art in an indie book. It fits the tone perfectly.

Tick is essentially a rampaging mad man with a heart of gold. After accidentally smashing through the roof of a ninja hideout Tick tells their bloodied and bruised hostage “Sorry citizen, there is crime out there and I’ve got to fight it.” He then proceeds to get in an argument with a homeless man before meeting Clark, the mild mannered report, face to face.

                I am infinitely grateful that this book was offered on free comic day. There may not be a new series coming out, but I am planning to purchase the collected editions of everything I can get my hands on that was released these past twenty four years. Evil beware!