Everyone everywhere has their own personal ideal version of their favorite characters. For some people Chris Reeve set the bar for Superman, some people think Spider-Man has been all down hill since Stan Lee left the title back in the day (*cough* Sam Raimi *cough*) and there are even people who prefer Frank Miller's Batman from... yes, All Star Batman & Robin.

                For Wonder Woman a great multitude of people undoubtedly love the television series version of the character, but I think the most popular version, is herself. Wonder Woman in and of herself is an ideal. I think even more than any television, cartoon or comic version of the character, the Wonder Woman logo is even more popular than every version combined. Why? Because everyone has their own ideal Wonder Woman! And with the logo, comes what she stands for... A symbol of strength, of independence, individuality and all around kick-ass-ness.

                Her popularity in many ways mirrors Superman's popularity, IMHO. I am convinced that there exists far more fans of the Superman logo than of Kal-El himself. I'm not saying that it's a bad thing, just saying. Think about how many songs out there use the word "Superman," but whose lyricists surely have no concern for the Bottle City of Kandor. How about the number of people with Superman t-shirts, bumper stickers or even Superman tattoos who really have no interest in discussing which issues separate Golden Age Superman from Earth-1 Superman? Maybe the logo is even more popular the stories because everyone has their own ideal Superman? And maybe to some, it is even to identify themselves as a "Superman?" Regardless, the logo is undoubtedly even more popular than the character himself.

                I have a feeling this is the same case for Wonder Woman. And, as classic rock band Boston would say, it's "more than a feeling." 

                It's no secret that the Wonder Woman comic is essentially a failed series (why do you think they keep re-imagining her?). I'm not saying it's a bad series, it's just a fact that not enough people read it. Yet, Wonder Woman merchandise ranks right up there with Superman, Batman and Spider-Man. Why? It's the name, it's the logo, it's the symbol. And there is nothing wrong with that.

                What I do find something wrong with is the hate on the Jim Lee redesigned costume, which the garb for the upcoming television pilot is clearly based on. It's as if everyone is a closet Wonder Woman fan, only to reveal themselves as the faithful at the eleventh hour. It is obvious that because a classic/iconic Wonder Woman look exists the larger majority of fandom insists that it is the only way she can possibly look...but why?

                If part of the reason that we like the logo and the name is because she is a symbol for a strong woman, then why do we insist that she dress like a stripper? Let her wear pants! Of course everyone likes a nice bikini, but I fail to see how throwing an armored chest plate on a swimsuit conveys a strong womanly image, or for that matter even a positive image for girl readers. I fail to see how the costume is in anyway relevant or even makes sense for that character. For some characters wearing revealing costumes makes a lot of sense. Like Huntress, for example, who has been noted as wearing revealing clothing on purpose to distract enemies because she is only a human and needs that extra advantage. Or Starfire who wears...practically nothing because that reflects the philosophies of her alien culture, but for Wonder Woman this is just not the case.


                So what is with the overwhelming hate on any and all alternate versions of Wondy's costume? Last year when Lee changed it in the comic series "Wonder Woman" was the number search on yahoo for a day or two. Was it because the story was written by superstar writer JMS? Was "Wonder Woman" the number one search because people were interested in the story idea? No. It was because she is wearing pants. Now, less than twelve months later we have the exact same case with the television pilot. instead of people talking about the show's rumored content or that quirky law writer David E. Kelley penned the screenplay, we are talking about the pants. We should all be jumping for joy, fan-boys united,  giddy for a new superhero show based on one of the most important characters ever created, but instead we are all whining and complaining about her pants!

                I had a mildly intense conversation the other day around the water cooler regarding the new Wonder Woman tv show and was told by a buddy of mine that it is not the pants that he hates, but the show simply looks bad because the actress just isn't pretty enough... It was one of those "spit my coffee through my nose" moments. Not pretty enough? My opinion...she is too pretty!

                I told him that my ideal Wonder Woman is a warrior, not a supermodel. I'd like to see a live action version look a little rough around the edges. Similar to the Alex Ross Batman painting with the scarred back that Dark Knight pulled from. A bruised and battered Wondy is what I envision.. who, of course, is GINORMOUS. A female Goliath. Huge muscles and a deep voice. I guess my ideal Wonder Woman has the attitude of Xena, the body of Chyna with a the face of Clint Eastwood.

                I collected the Perez series, loved the Rucka run and was left craving more after Simone..but honestly, I read her series because I am more of a comic book fan than necessarily being a Wonder Woman fan. So maybe that's why I could care less about ditching the classic costume. Just give me a great story with a cool comic character and eye-popping art and I'll be happy. But apparently there is a legion of Wonder Woman fans who make themselves apparent only when the thong comes off. My questions is, where are they every Wednesday when her comic comes out?