Early this year we made all of you comics-are-deadites aware of a feature length documentary being produced by the non-profit literary organization, Sequart, along with Respect! Films that focuses on writer Grant Morrison and how his life and personal experiences tie into his work.

                     This week news has broken that indie film distributor Halo-8 Entertainment has picked up the film and it is on track for a release at New York Comic-Con this October, to be followed a theatrical release run.

                    Halo-8 Entertainment is perhaps best known for developing the "illustrated film" format and describes themselves as:

a Hollywood-2.0 movie studio using bleeding-edge strategies to create and distribute daring new films. Recent releases include the megapopular animated series Xombie: Dead On Arrival (which Bloody Disgusting called "one of the best online animated series to date"), the legendary NY hardcore documentary N.Y.H.C. (which Cinematical called "smashing... a terrific, well-told, engaging story"), the award-winning hardcore-punk thriller Threat (which Urb Magazine said "makes 'Kids' look like an after-school special"), and the critically-acclaimed animal rights documentary Your Mommy Kills Animals (which earned a 91% rating on Rotten Tomatoes).

                     The film is entitled GRANT MORRISON: WALKING WITH GODS, directed by Patrick Meaney and includes interviews with Geoff Johns, Warren Ellis, Mark Waid, Matt Fraction, Jason Aaron, Dan Didio, Frank Quitely, Cameron Stewart, Phil Jimenez, Chris Weston, JH Williams III and many more.

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