The first page kicks off with a massive influx of black lanterns decimating Coast City. We flip the page to see a beautiful Doug Mahnke splash of the various lantern corps leaders and their appointed avatars from the previous Blackest Night issue. Throughout this series I have enjoyed how the Green Lantern title is a companion to the main mini-series, emphatically. The title consistently nourishes my appetite for more Blackest Night on a month to month basis, and contains more depth than most of the other tie-ins. 

    From there we get a little resolution to the Firestorm piece of the story that started in Justice League of America. Blue Lantern Barry Allen is able to seperate Jason from Black Lantern Ronnie using a little luck, and a lot of hope. We then get what I'd say is the harshest moment of the entire series, as Black Lantern Aquaman attempts to seduce Red Lantern Mera by showing her their zombie baby. Mera replies with a cold, "I never wanted children" and eviscerates the ugly little thing with her belly blood. This pleases Atrocitus to the point that he gladly welcomes Mera into the Red Lantern Corps.

    The next page gives us Carol and Diana trying to save Donna Troy and Hal speaking his mind on the yellow and orange avatar choices to Sinestro. "The rings choose who they choose Jordan," he says as Yellow Lantern Scarcrow storms through, giddy with fear. As GL continues to insist that he wants the power rings "off those psychos" Larfleeze flies by stating "what do you think I'm trying to do, Green Lantern, share!?!" He proceeds to attempt the removal of the orange ring from Lex Luthor who, not surprisingly, appears drunk with power. 

    For some reason, Hal Jordan suddenly wishes to work as a team, however he is cut short by Black Lantern Spectre  who plans to judge Jordan. For what? Being alive? We then get some dialogue between the two that reminds us of Jordan's time as the Spectre. Which, by the way, was a series that I enjoyed. I don't however have an appreciation for the Black Lantern Spectre. I understand that the BL power has possessed the dead host, however I feel that the Spectres power should be enough to overcome the power of Nekron. Obviously I am incorrect and not only is Spectre controlled, but he welcomes Hal Jordan to the BL Corps with his own black ring to boot. Hal remains in the land of the living, only due to an assist from our little blue friend Ganthet.

    Hal makes a big green hammer and knocks Spectres jaw off. He then gives us a neat little Star Wars quote and flies Ganthet to safety. Sinestro picks up where Jordan left off and with the help off all the light warriors battles Spectre to no avail. 

    With no sign of victory in sight Jordan calls on Ganthet to retrieve his power battery. This part really helps tie togethr the trilogy that Johns has created as Hal remembers back to "rebirth" and comments that "When I was possessed by Parallax and the merged with the Spectre I was trapped in an endless tug of war... but when we were finally seperated, the first thing the Spectre did was leave. He was scared of Parallax." The connection between Blackest Night and Rebirth strengthens as Sinestro is the only one who can free the Parallax entity. 

    Jordan and Sinestro then fight over who will merge with Parallax. Hal wins the race, but is interrupted by Carol. The two embrace and their love is finally put back out there. Jordan remembers the tragedy of his fathers death prior to the merger, which if you remember was also touched on recently in "Cry For Justice" to which, I am convinced is only coming to the forefront because it will be a plot point in the upcoming GL movie.

    And as Sinestro feared (pardon the pun) Jordan is fully possessed and the issue ends leaving me wanting more. Parallax is basically challenging Spectre to pick up where they left off. A very interesting take on evil vs evil that again, I can't wait to see how it plays out.

    This was, in my opinion, the best issue of Green Lantern since Blackest Night began and possibly one of the best issue of Johns run.