With not one, but two excerpts released from the script of the GREEN LANTERN movie, starring Ryan Reynolds, released yesterday I thought it appropriate to gather and post what we know at this point on this highly anticipated film.  See here for the leaked script scenes:



            The first link shows a scene involving Hector Hammond, who IMDB.com states is being played by acting veteran Tim Robbins. The most recent cast announcement, of course, was that of Angela Bassett playing Checkmates Amanda Waller.

            The announcement of Amanda Waller is interesting for multiple reasons. One reason this is interesting is because, to my knowledge, she has never even been in a Green Lantern comic book. This, to me, is an indication that Waller could be DCE’s equivalent to Marvel’s Nick Fury in their Avengers movies. Possibly she is the glue to stick together the multiple films, including FLASH, SHAZAM!, HAWKMAN and possibly even a SUICIDE SQUAD movie?

            It has been an entire year since it was first reported that a proposed SUICIDE SQUAD movie, produced by Dan Lin (THE DEPARTED, SHERLOCK HOLMES) and written by Justin Marks (STREET FIGHTER: THE LEGEND OF CHUN LI), was in talks for a three film franchise. Could this be an indication that the fan favorite series may actually see the light of day in a theatre near you? And this is all hot on the heels of the SMALLVILLE: ABSOLUTE JUSTICE follow-up episode, CHECKMATE (scheduled to air on April 9, 2010), where Amanda Waller is the main antagonist, as played by Pam Grier (JACKIE BROWN).


GREEN LANTERN is to be directed by Martin Campbell, who according to IMDB.com seems to have a 1970’s porno as his debut film, as he directed the X-Rated version of SEX THIEF… oh boy! IMDB.com also has four writers credited with one, of course, being Marc Guggenheim (AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE). It’s my understanding that Guggenheim and the others wrote the initial script and Michael Goldenberg (HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX) did a rewrite. 

The scheduled release date is June 17, 2011 in both 2D and 3D versions and is shaping up to be a real epic with multiple villains and a story that follows eleven year old Hal Jordan into adulthood.

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