How did I hate Superman? Let me count the ways-

#1 The red undies! The undies on the outside of the pants was a BIG ONE. Yes, I know the history. I understand that in the 1930's circus performers were like heroes and the early superhero costumes were based on those "real life" hero costumes. But it's not 1938 anymore. Ditch the undies! And while they're at it, scrap the cape. Neither serves any purpose whatsoever.

#2 Superman always saves the day. ALWAYS. He has saved the day in every "Crisis" and just about everything in between. It gets real old, faster than a speeding bullet old.

#3 SuperMAN always seemed more "super" than "man." In his actions, in the way he carries himself, everything! Hence the need for the (now floundering) JMS storyline. And no, making him an absent father in Superman Returns did nothing for his street cred.

    I was always a fan of certain "key" Superman stories (i.e. All Star Superman, Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow, among others), but always attributed that love to the creators, not the character. I am a firm believer that no matter how lame the character, a good creative team can make a great story.


    Looking back I realize that I became a living, breathing Lex Luthor. I wanted nothing more than for Superman to leave my planet. Send him back to outer space and put him on a throne, if you must, out of my sight. Or better yet, just kill him off.

    But then something changed... I suddenly found myself singing Superman's praises after all these years of detest.

    What happened? Somebody saved me (so to speak).

   Smallville happened to me.

    Now I get it. The costume is supposed to be bright. He is supposed to stand out among the crowd. The cape is like a victory flag for good triumphing over evil. The costume allows Supes to be the beacon of hope that he is.

    Now I want Clark to don the red/blue spandex and proudly display the "S" shield. Seeing the way Ollie, Carter and the others look up to him, I finally understand his importance in the mythos of comicdom.

    Superman is the inspiration for the majority of the DC cast. Without him championing on the cause of truth and justice the other characters wouldn't be who they are today.

    Smallville introduced me to the "man" Kal-El, Clark Kent, who is just as much a human as Batman (if not more-so). 

    And the great tragedy is now the show is coming to an end, and I am only getting started. I anxiously await the remaining episodes, only unlike before when I tuned in only for the guest characters, I now watch to see Clark develop into the hero that he truly is. A Superman.

    Now when I read Superman: Earth One it is more than just a great JMS script with superb art, to me, it is a re-telling of one of the greatest origins for one of the most important characters in comic book history.

    Thank you Smallville. You will be missed.