Not literally, but figuratively…or is it metaphorically? In any respect the question remains, will the over exposure of the Deadpool character cause a backlash that he will not be able to recover from?

I want to put it out there that I’m no hater. I’ve strived in life to never been a hater, weasel or a snitch. In researching the all important history of comic books I fear the worst for the Merc with a Mouth. I truly find the character incredibly entertaining. Deadpool provides a mix of sadistic violence with slapstick humor that none other can match. The last thing I want is for the character to fade into obscurity to the point that he disappears completely like Ghost Rider. Or worse, that he becomes a mere shell of his current form such as Punisher and Venom have become (see Frankencastle and Anti-Venom). All three are victims of overexposure and followed the same path that old Wade is on as we speak.

Credit must be given where credit is due. No other character in recent history, or possibly even comic book history period, has lain essentially dormant for close to twenty years and then suddenly exploded into popularity that is unmatchable.

                DEADPOOL, DEADPOOL CORPS, DEADPOOL: MERC WITH A MOUTH, and DEADPOOL TEAM-UP ... four titles currently being released monthly for one character. Of course, the same can be said for Batman, but typically the people who I speak with that buy every Bat book, only collect Bat books. And while the same may be true for Deadpool fans, is that really the type of business model the big two companies want?  As far as Batman, Spider-Man, Superman, and Wolverine go; they are highly established characters. These guys proved to hold strong through the test of time. It took years and decades to build up the number of titles these big dogs currently hold. Besides, characters like Wolvie and Batsy, well.. in the words of the government, they are “too big to fail.” Superman isn’t going anywhere, no matter how many bad movies he has. Spider-Man can have wretched story arc after wretched story arc and he will still be one of the most popular characters. You can’t take away the Lee/Ditko/Romita years that will always be near and dear to any fans heart (and wallet).

Deadpool made up nearly 13% of all marvel books sold in April. This includes series he starred in along with guest spots and cameos. However, his titles sell an average of 30,000 issues per month. So his fanbase is still solid. Not to be an agent of doom and gloom, but I fear that it can’t last. Not at the rate that he is currently trucking anyway.

Too many series starring the Poolster feel to be gimmick books. And the slapping his mugg on every cover has long worn out its welcome. It all feels like a joke that would have been in a Deadpool book back in the day.

The movie doesn’t have a set release date as Ryan Reynolds is working on Green Lantern so it can’t be that Marvel is prepping us for the movie this early, can it? And is the WOLVERINE: ORIGINS version really the version we want exposed to the masses. I think not.

Gotta love not only the quality of the self titled on-going series, but also that is the only monthly with a cover price of $2.99 (at Marvel). The most we can do is enjoy the ride while it lasts, try to help keep the momentum going as best we can, and maintain our Bea Arthur fan club membership status.