Much like Star Trek was better after Rodenberry, Batman was better after Bob Kane and The Simpsons were better after Matt Groening – Star Wars will be better after George Lucas. J.J. Abrams being attached as director only seals the deal.

    After Disney absorbed Henson they put out the best Muppets movie of all time. After they bought Marvel Disney released the greatest Marvel movie of all time *cough* Avengers *cough*. Why wouldn’t Disney be able to produce the best Star Wars movie ever? The official plot details haven’t been released yet, but based on little snipets here and there online it sounds like the story is loosely based on the 90's Young Jedi Knights novels, where Luke trains the “Young Jedi” in the ways of the force. Question is, for us fans of the novels, will the movie have the “Young Jedi Knights” characters? Namely, Han and Leia’s kids; Jacen, Jaina and Anakin Solo. But I also wouldn’t mind seeing Chewie’s nephew Lowbacca or the girl character who built her own lightsabre that was faulty and accidentally blew her arm off.

No matter if the characters are from the Young Jedi novels or not, it is undoubtable that the new Star Wars trilogy will have to introduce characters that were not in the first 6 films.  Or will they? I have three words for you- er, three letters rather – C. G. I.

    C.G.I. worked well for Tron Legacy, so why wouldn’t Disney try it again? Simply superimpose 1980’s Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher faces on 2013 body doubles and have all of our old favorites do the voice over work. Then Star Wars 7 could take place immediately after ROTJ and we could see Luke, Leia and Han actually in action. With Abrams as director it would be like the Thawne Trilogy on steroids. Is that type of C.G.I. heavy project able to be completed by the firm 2015 release date? I really have no idea. Revenge of the Sith was in post-production for an entire year, and I can only imagine how much longer it would take to paste C.G.I. on every actors face.

    To me, the ultimate on-screen sequel would be something like Dark Empire where Luke turns to the darkside, but then beats it and comes back to the light. I'm not convinced they are going to go down that road though. I wish they would, but I wouldn’t mind seeing old man Luke either. I also wouldn’t mind an introduction to Luke’s girlfriend Mara Jade. Or perhaps a story of her past; how she was Palpatine’s right-hand and tried to kill Luke or how she found the lightsabre he dropped at Cloud City...

    If for some unholy reason the creators actually do not have Luke Skywalker in the movie at all even, it still has unlimited potential for greatness. Remember: Obi-Wan mentioned Master Vos in Revenge of the Sith, who of course is Quinlan Vos from the comics. Vos could be easily fit the old wise teacher role. And his story could connect to previous films by explaining he escaped Order 66 and did not return to the temple due to the warning message Obi-Wan left. Hell, Obi-Wan’s spirit could visit Vos and tell him he needs to rebuild the Jedi. Queue: Ewan McGregor cameo.

    Some people may consider Disney a part of the dark side. Well, I can’t argue with that, but it makes me think of the Palpatine quote; “The Dark Side of the Force is the pathway to many abilities some consider to be… Unnatural.” I for one am ready for Star Wars to break free from its old boundaries and do something that maybe doesn’t come as natural to the franchise. Something unnatural like: new creators, new characters and new storylines.