The DC Animated Universe just keeps getting better and better. Not that JUSTICE LEAGUE: DOOM is the best DCAU film ever, *cough* BATMAN: UNDER THE RED HOOD *cough*, but it doesn’t get much better than this one.
The film is filled with an all-star cast including: the one true Batman; Kevin Conroy, Superman favorite; Tim Daly, geek-god; Nathan Fillion, and even Michael Rosenbaum as Flash. Sadly, this was Dwayne McDuffie’s final work before his passing, but an excellent work it is.

The story revolves around Vandal Savage forming his version of the Legion of Doom. An arch enemy for each of the heroes is chosen and given instructions by Savage on a sure-fire way to destroy their nemesis. For example; Bane digs up the bodies of Bruce Wayne’s parents (need I say more?). If you have ever read JLA: TOWER OF BABEL then you are familiar with how, or should I say who, came up with the plans to defeat each JLAer, but outside of that twist the story is largely an original work.

JUSTICE LEAGUE: DOOM is also incredibly relevant to the “New 52” universe. The main relevance being with Cyborg’s relationship to the JLA. He plays a major role in the film which is not too far-off from his role in the current JUSTICE LEAGUE series by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee. In fact the scene in issue #5 where he becomes a member of the team by circumstance strongly mirrors a scene in the movie where Wonder Woman welcomes him to the team in a similar fashion. Regardless, Cyborg's time to shine is long overdue and his addition to the DC A-List is sure to be a fun ride in the years to come. 

As per usual, Batman’s scenes are just awesome.  From digging himself out of his own grave to telling the Justice League to go take a flying leap (not in so many words),  JUSTICE LEAGUE: DOOM typifies why Batman is the most popular superhero on the face of the planet.

I don’t want to go too deep and risk spoiling this animated gem, but I will say it is full of action. Tons of throw-downs, a cool story and some sweet lines... Just go watch it… like, now.