It was quite a weekend for live action comic book television. On Friday we had quite possibly the worst episode of Smallville ever, followed by possibly the greatest comic to TV adaptation on Sunday... Walking Dead.

Smallville slowly moved the Lois and Clark plot forward along with the Tess and little Lex plot, but that's about it... and not very well I might add.

How worn out and tired is the fanatic cult-town plot anyway? I thought part of this show's m.o. was to make these characters relate-able? This cheese soaked story was not relevant in the slightest.

I'm not sure how this sounds, but I normally get a little misty eyed at the Lois/Clark interactions. Yet even their scenes could not spare my disappointed in last weeks Smallville... I really look forward to this show, but when it's bad... it's bad. This season has been non-stop excellence until this past Friday.  Most weeks I find myself choked up over an Oliver Queen speech, but last week "Harvest" had me throwing up in the back of my throat a little.

If you wanted emotional depth, in previously presented in comic book form, than the place to tune in was AMC,  Halloween night. I think the best comic book series may have just become the best television series.

The violence and gore was a new high for basic cable. And the acting was top notch.

I'm typically a staunch purist when it comes to these things, but Walking Dead makes all the right changes for us as a TV viewing audience.
The continuity of the story flowed well on screen this way.

The feel was so epic, I would have paid to watch this. It was like a feature film, and to think it will be on weekly.

Any fan of the comic series is well aware of the character arc of Rick Grimes, and it's off to just as great a start, but I feel that the television pilot story given to Morgan Jones is incredibly engaging. Long time readers of the series may see the parallels of where this characters story picks up later down the line and notice how true the new scenes for television are to his characterization.

The acting is stellar all the way around in Walking Dead. Not to take anything away from the acting of Welling and Durance on Smallville. It was the lame story that killed it for me, but their skills are as solid as ever and I will be sorry to see Smallville go when this season is over. I'll be crying "somebody save me" in my bedroom corner as I suck my thumb on Friday nights come next year, but at least I will have Sunday's to look forward to Walking Dead season 2.