So The King's Speech and Social Network are better than any other movies released in 2010. In fact they are both, simultaneously, the single best movie of last year. What enlightened me of this paradox? Well the two most important entertainment awards in the world did, of course.

        It all started when Social Network won the Golden Globes Best Screenplay award. Honestly, I was quite taken aback. I fully expected it to win the Best Picture award, but certainly not Best Screenplay. After the Globes a question raised in my little mind - why so often does the winner of Best Picture also win like twelve other awards? Exaggeration, I know, but really... isn't Best Picture, Best Director and Best Original Score enough? Is Best Screenplay simply considered some sort of token award to beef up the undisputed champion of the year?

        As far as who said champion of the year is, the Academy certainly feels differently. They gave their Oscar award equivalent (albeit considered even more prestigious than the Globes, for whatever reason) to The King's Speech. Namely; Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor and (you guessed) it Best Screenplay.

        This latest award...this Oscar... it realy cheesed me off... Because the category is not simply "Best Screenplay," but "Best Writing - Original Screenplay"... original... ORIGINAL!

        How in creation is The King's Speech more ORIGINAL than a movie like, say, Inception?

        Never mind that Chris Nolan was not even nominated for the Best Director award, but to not award Inception best ORIGINAL screenplay is an out-and-out crime agianst society, humanity and all original film makers everywhere across the planet.

        Maybe if the word ORIGINAL wasn't wedged in the middle of that Oscar award title I wouldn't be so worked up over it... but it is, so I am!

        The King's Speech is Best Picture of 2010, okay, I get it. The Academy's barometer uses a different form of measurement than my  own, obvisouly. They are high brow, and I am lowly low brow, eating pop-tarts in my Daredevil jammies and watching Doctor Who on a Saturday night. But riddle me this; how can a screen play that is based on true events possibly be better than a 100% completely original screenplay? Isn't the fact that the events actually happened in both Social Network and The King's Speech already half the writing battle? The story is already there. It pretty much really happened! I am not simply saying that any original work automatically trumps a re-telling or adaptation, but we're not talking about Human Centipede here, it's freaking Inception! Love it or hate it, it is more original the The King's Speech.

  1. new;  fresh;  inventive
  2. arising  or  proceeding  independently  of  anything  else
  3. capable  of  or  given  to  thinking  or  acting  in  an  independent,  creative,  or  individual  manner:
  4. created,  undertaken,  or  presented  for  the  first  time

        Obviously these awards are given for more than just the film alone. Whereas at one time I used to think the mantra to be "let the film speak for itself," this just isn't so. Why else would Social Network possess such a dominance at the Golden Globes? The answer is not only because Social Network is a really good movie, but also because of the cultural impact of Facebook itself. The Globes judged the film on the real life events that the film is based on, rather than just allowing the film to speak for itself.

        Think about it.

        And I think, along with the high brow mentality reality, a similar situation is present within The King's Speech. I am convinced that The King's Speech was awarded Best Original Screenplay, in part, because of the screen writers real life battle with his speech disorder. Art imitating life imitating art, if you will (wait..huh?). Basically, it was praised for more than just the script alone. That and the Academy is most likely not that into good Sci-Fi/Fantasy films (case in point; Pan's Labyrinth was beat-out by Little Miss Flippin' Sunshine for Best Screenplay in 2006).

        Of course The King's Speech is a good movie, a great movie even, but the screenplay is not in any way, shape or form more original than Inception.