As the so called “Second Monday Night War” I suppose we should all resign ourselves to the truth. The alliance of Eric Bischoff, Hulk Hogan and Vince Russo does not have the creative capacity to force the WWE to improve their product even in the slightest. From starting off their program with Eric Bischoff’s three minute guitar solo, to the “firing of Mick Foley,” it’s obvious that all the talent in the world isn’t going to save this sinking ship t. The fact that last week’s Thursday night Impact replay scored the same rating (a .08) showcases the simple truth that TNA wasn’t ready for the move. A smarter decision would have been to continue to build up their fanfare and buzz by airing live every other week on Thursday so that the word of mouth could begin to spread. The so called adult storylines that Bischoff promises have been nothing more then a few curse words and a product that bears a striking resembling to either the old WCW or the NWA of the late eighties.

        From a pure wrestling stand point you’d have to give the Impact the check mark simply because they seem less likely to use five minute meaningless matches to put over angles that will only be resolved on pay per views that cost forty dollars a month. They had a solid main event with Rob Van Dam and Jeff Hardy taking down Beer Money which certainly trumps another face to face showdown between John Cena and Batistsa. Nonetheless WWE has the brand name, the fan following and the history to make TNA seriously regret ever attempting to awaken this sleeping giant. From a product stand point, no matter how many changes or improvements you were to make to RC Cola, I seriously doubt Coke would be concerned for its sales figures. New talent continues to flood into TNA, but they are quickly lost in the shuffle amidst past their prime veterans and convoluted storylines. While talents like Sting, Flair, Hogan, Hall, and Nash are huge names, does having them under contract when they provide almost no in ring ability seem like a sound strategy?

        TNA should follow the model set by Dana White and the UFC giving away as much free programming as they can with as much intense and provocative storylines and in ring action that they can come up with. Something, anything to make the fans realize "damn this promotion has Kurt Angle, and Rob Van Dam, and Jeff Hardy!" Three former world champion’s who still seem to have the wrestling ability to provide jaw dropping action. However, they seem content to focus on “backstage” segments that continue to make Hulk Hogan the focal point of the programming while guys like Samoa Joe and Jay Lethal are shelved. The WWE is the titan of the wrestling industry and will continue to be until those at TNA realize that the major difference between themselves and World Wrestling Entertainment is that they can provide a higher quality in ring product. So focus, do us all a favor and focus on the things that WWE has shunned, such as Hardcore and High Flying and stop trying to defeat Vince McMahon by becoming Vince McMahon.

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