The wait is finally over and everybody’s favorite post apocalyptic series, Walking Dead, returns this Sunday. Another series in somewhat the same vein, Revolution, returns late next month. Who would win in a “more realistic portrayal” fight – Walking Dead vs. Revolution.

        The plot device that makes each series tick is drastically different (zombies and electricity, respectively), but the end result is the same - A post apocalyptic planet where individuals are struggling to survive.

Despite all of the similarities the two programs have vast differences.

        The post apocalyptic world in Walking Dead is like the Wild West - A tale of survival, persistence, and the merging of different peoples from different cultures forming alliances.

        The post-apocalyptic world of Revolution posits that without the federal government America would revert to a feudal system where the majority population is peasants subject to the rule of the warrior aristocracy.

Which do you see as more likely to occur in reality?

        That individuals with their own separate interests would band together for survival against the prevailing threat or that the mass majority would cower and beg for a leader to protect them, all the while giving up their resources. Even the resistance element of Revolution, where a secret group is fighting to restore the United States, is a bunch of crap. At that stage in the game of life who would really care about re-organizing the imaginary lines on the map yet again?

        Compare Monroe, the main villain from Revolution, to Walking Dead’s main antagonist at the moment, The Governor. The Governor is like a modern day politician. People follow him partly due to his service with a smile. He controls people with the illusion of security. Revolution’s Monroe, who rules with an iron fist, openly torturing people in the streets and hunting people down like dogs. The Governor controls a plot of land about the size of a neighborhood while Monroe controls like the entire East Coast. First off, how could Monroe maintain that level of control with no means of long range communication? Secondly, why would such a large amount of people give two craps what this guy commands them to do?

        When comparing these two pieces of post-apocalyptic television I see it as Walking Dead represents comic books and Revolution represents Hollywood. Walking Dead is about telling the best story possible and Revolution… I want to like Revolution, I really do, but every time I watch it, it’s pretty bad. Some shows get better with each episode, and Revolution does move the story forward from week to week, but it’s so Hollywood it’s just hard to watch. I love Kripke and Abrams, but someone on the production team is really giving this show the “must suspend all disbelief” treatment.

        Comparing the two may be a little unfair cause I mean Walking Dead isn’t just the best post-apocalyptic show on television, it may very well be the best show on television, period… it may be.