reboot - A term that comes from computer usage. To reboot a computer is to start it up again after a computer crash. Hence, “reboot” has the connotation of starting a process over again.

pre•quel - A literary, dramatic, or cinematic work whose narrative takes place before that of a preexisting work or a sequel.

re•make -
–verb (used with object)
1. to make again or anew.
2. Movies. to film again, as a picture or screenplay.
3. Movies. a more recent version of an older film.

            Could the news that Bryan Singer will not helm the director’s chair in the forthcoming X-MEN: FIRST CLASS film signal that the movie will in fact be a reboot, as opposed to a prequel?  Many people were very insistent in conversations I had with them prior to this news that First Class would be a reboot with Singer’s involvement, but I just didn’t buy that someone would essentially erase their own work and idea’s from a major franchise’s continuity. That would be like him saying the first two X-Men movies he made were pointless or irrelevant. These same insisters noted X-MEN 3 as the reason for rebooting, but I reminded them of who we are talking about here; Bryan Singer. He is the guy who makes new “part threes.” Remember SUPERMAN RETURNS? But… now, I agree with them.

X-MEN: FIRST CLASS will most likely be a reboot. Everything is a reboot.  Pardon the pun, but did it begin with Batman Begins? The reboot phenomenon, that is? Prior to that, while reboots did occur, it seemed the “in” thing in Hollywood’s flaunting of its lack of creativity, was prequels (which was popularized of course by the STAR WARS franchise). But it seems WOLVERINE: ORIGINS officially killed that trend and the latest STAR TREK film solidified the reboot as the new world order of summer blockbuster film making.

I have railed against reboots in the past, particularly when news hit a few months earlier of the Spider-Man reboot, but I’m actually OK with this. Two piss poor films in a row in the X-Men franchise is enough to convince me. That, and I would love to see an X-Men movie that was even more like the comic book series. Something that deals with the Shi’Ar or the Four Horsemen. Something a little more on the sci-fi/ super hero side of things. X-MEN is owed a debt of gratitude for ushering in the new age of comic book super hero films, but it is no secret Bryan Singer is not a fan of comic books and actually forbade his actors to read the source material during filming. Hugh Jackman has gone on record stating that he would sneak WOLVERINE and UNCANNY X-MEN books into his trailer. And to think, when originally cast Jackman was the one people were worried would ruin the franchise…

At first I thought Marvel was to blame for the non-stop reboot nonsense, but I was wrong. These are movies with Marvels characters, but it is the likes of Sony and 20th Century Fox that are the cause of the unnecessary reboots. Marvel Studios rebooted HULK, but content of the original aside, it can be argued that the INCREDIBLE HULK reboot was needed in order to align the character with the inter-twining Marvel Studios movie universe. They also rebooted Punisher with the War Zone movie, but the justification is there also, because this film ushered in their “mature” line of films. Plus the star of the previous film, Tom Jane, refused to star in the sequel.

Is it Marvel that should be blamed or is it Hollywood that should be blamed? The answer is emphatically, Hollywood. James Bond, Pink Panther, PLANET OF THE APES, FRIDAY THE 13TH, NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, HALLOWEEN and the list of previously released films not only goes on and on, but a list of still to be released films goes on and on with ALIEN, DAREDEVIL, FANTASTIC FOUR, and even ARTHUR for goodness sakes. Perhaps the blame lies with the viewing public? If we want to see something original, should be cease paying to see something that is a rehash? It’s a tough decision. As noted above, some reboots/remakes are welcomed with open arms, while some were never wanted and on the horizon, some are simply dreaded.

Rather than ignore the reboots, I think what needs to be done is support of the types of movies you want to be seen. Don’t pay twenty bucks at the theatre to see something that never should have been made, but by the same token get out there and pay for the good stuff. Send a message with the only type of note that people understand… a note from your wallet.

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