First off I just have to comment on the's genius. It's really one of those less is more things and to me, helps continue to set Image apart from "the big two." I'm hard pressed to think of another team book that plays on the name of the team for the title, but doesn't actually call the title the name of the team.

            Who needs IMAGE UNITED when you have GUARDING THE GLOBE? Kirkman has essentially created an entire super hero universe and honestly, it's a heck of a lot more interesting than the delayed wreck that is IMAGE UNITED.

            From page one INVINCIBLE fans are given a treat as we receive a direct crossover from the pages of the aforemention title. The epic Viltrumite War featured inside the pages of INVINCIBLE was the opportune time to release this title as the Guardians are dealing earth's issues while Mark Grayson is off-world in that amazing arc.

            Robert Kirkman is not alone as he shares writing duties with Benito Cereno. The provide us with an introduction to the core members of the team as well the transition for dare I say, a league to a society.

            I am a big fan of Ryan Ottley's pencils on the main series and feel that Ransom Getty is the perfect artist for the characters in the team book. Not to mention, I am always taken aback by the bright and vibrant colors in an Invincle title. All around the art is gorgeous.

            Possibly I'm blinded by my love for everything Kirkman and undying support of Image Comics, but this series is going to be a must-read IMO. If you've never checked out Kirkman's super hero stuff now is the time as this is the perfect jumping on point with it being the premiere issue. The introduction to the characters in this issue alone tells us exactly who they are and keeps us wanting more.