Iron Man 2 review Part 1

Fast paced, light hearted, and chocked full of action, Iron Man 2 is the first film I’ve watched that has the feel of a real summer blockbuster. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t on par with the “Dark Knight” (or even Spiderman 2 if you ask the critics) but it certainly accomplishes it’s primary goal which is to set the table for perhaps the biggest comic book movie in history, “The Avengers.” (coming summer 2012) Once again, Robert Downey Jr. perfectly encapsulates Tony Stark with his ample supply of quick quips and rebellious remarks as he faces the new challenges of his own mortality, the government clamoring for him to turn over the Iron Man suit and a super villain utilizing his own coveted technology. Ivan Vako (aka Whiplash) played by Mickey Rourke and Justin Hammer played by Sam Rockwell are an upgrade from evil tycoon Obadiah Stane, but in the end the focus on this is film is on Stark. Which to me means, even the villains are just a backdrop for the fact that Stark’s arch of becoming one of Earth’s mightiest heroes is beginning to come full circle. The way that Stark overcomes the fact that his own artificial heart is actually killing him and makes peace with a deceased father whom he believed to be cold and callous are hammered by Robert Downey Jr. parallels to the Tony Stark character.
Honestly, I didn’t find the studio’s switch from Terrence Howard to Don Chedale to be all that crucial a change. Not because the two are similar in anyway, but rather because Chedale is every bit is talented is the man he replaced. War Machine was however accurately equipped with an arsenal of weapons that had him resembling the infamous die cut 90’s cover on War Machine #1. Upon watching this movie I actually got angry when during Tony Stark’s birthday party Col Rhodes manages to slip into Tony Stark’s lab undetected to put on an Iron Man suit with the purpose of reigning in a drunken Stark who is getting a little too out of control in the Iron Man armor. The two characters then proceed to battle it out to Rob Base and DJ Easy Rock’s “It Takes Two.” A scene put it simply to showcase special effects and increases the films over all action. Then I took a minute to think about and I thought, it kind of reminded me of one of those pointless hero vs. hero battles in a comic that take place before the two heroes realize that they have to team up. The only problem I had with this scene was, how the hell would Jim Rhodes know how to operate an Iron Man suit? Tony designed the suit, it was his creation, but Rhodes despite being in the military would have absolutely no idea how to operate the suit. Nevertheless, this is a scene I believe the general masses would be into and one that really doesn’t prove to be all that crucial.