Iron Man review Part 2

Characters that were crucial were Natalie Rush who ends up actually being Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow) a shield operative assigned to shadow Tony Stark by legendary head of shield Nick Fury. If you’ve ever read Ultimate’s (Mark Millar‘s Marvel book that was basically Ultimate Avengers), Samuel L. Jackson is dead on as Fury and not just because he looks the part but because he resonates a strong self confidence that enables to deal with “Super Heroes” despite the fact that he isn’t one himself. Fury also poses the same question I did as to how exactly Jim Rhodes would be able to make off with an Iron Man suit if Tony Stark didn’t want him to. (The answer being because Stark believes his death inevitable and thus he’s chosen Jim Rhodes as a suitable replacement) Fury also provides the film with humor and the rumblings of the Avengers as he’s apparently forming an initiative that Tony call’s his “super hero boy band.” The characters are all coming into place and I tell you that this movie already plants the seeds for just how “Mighty” Joss Whedon’s “Avengers” is destined to be.
All in all I give Iron Man a solid seven out of ten mostly because the villains ended up being kind of blah. Don’t get me wrong I liked Sam Rockwell as Justin Hammer and Ivan Vako’s motivation for revenge against the Stark family. What I didn’t like was that much like Obadiah Stane in the first film, Ivan Vako had to design his own Iron Man suit so that the film could climax with yet another supper battle. Also it felt like John Favreau really wanted himself on screen more as for whatever reason he decided to beef up the scenes for Tony Stark limo driver. Really John? If you wanted more screen time, why didn’t you give yourself a better part. Speaking of better, Scarlett Johansson could have done better as Natasha Romanoff. Surely an actress featured in films like “Lost in Translation,” and “Girl with the Pearl Earring” could pull of a Russian accent. I don’t know, maybe they thought “we already have Mickey Rourke doing a clichéd Russian accent, we don’t need two of them.” Just as clichéd as the Russian accent though were the Matrix-like wire scenes used when Natasha Romanoff dismantles Justin Hammer’s guards. Nevertheless, Samson Simpson I stick by my story, Iron Man 2 has the feel of a real summer blockbuster. I liked that movie because Iron Man’s character continues to be kept genuine and I’m left with a great since of anticipation for Marvel’s next film “Thor.”