A buddy of mine from Oklahoma (where the fine creators of KNUCKLEHEADS hail from) sent me this book about a month ago and I have been meaning to review it ever since my first read-thru. I have been behind in updating the site for content lately, but I think an independent title about a gamer/slacker who gains superpowers from a mysterious alien crystal that has become grafted to his hand, is the perfect way to get back into the swing of things.

The comic is admittedly a pitch for various established publishers to pick it up, as is teased at the end of the story that it will only be continued if it is picked up. And my vote has been cast in favor of. Not only do I desire to learn the rest of the story, based on what I have already read, but I absolutely believe that this book could succeed as a monthly, even on one of the more prominent labels like Image or even someone like Oni Press.

Instantly when I started reading this issue I was hooked. It’s entertaining and easy to read with its lighthearted slacker appeal. At first when the pizza dude showed up I wondered if the creators were literally ripping off the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, but soon learned that this book is chock full of pop culture anecdotes. Everything from Bigfoot (Harry and the Hendersons) to video games is referenced in complete, non-stop, hilarity. Literally every panel contains a joke that is certain to make even the most stuck-up of fanboy’s chuckle.

The art is the perfect complement to the fast and fun story. I actually have great appreciation for the black and white style and thought it worked nicely, but look forward to a color sequel when this series is picked up.

To check out KNUCKLEHEADS yourself, visit their link: http://www.crystalfist.com/