IDW continues to enrich their tightly knit Transformers universe with issue number four of their TRANSFORMERS on-going series. I realize it has taken me up until the release of issue five, essentially thirty days, to post this review but hey, what can I say? I have a large pull list of stuff to read week to week.

This series has been a the perfect jumping on point into the IDW-verse for any T-formers fan interested in reading a monthly stories of their favorite robots in disguise.  There is a real G1 flare here, only without the cheese that came along with a cartoon that was designed for young children.

Issue four is heavily narrated by Thundercracker, who doesn’t strike my fancy, but the real meat of the issue is with Hot Rod and his rogue group comprised of both Autobots and Decepticons. In the floppies leading up to #4; Optimus Prime has surrendered to the humans and Bumblebee has taken lead of the Autobots. Hot Rod and Prowl have left the Autobots due to this event and on their journey to find a methods of returning to Cybertron, have joined forces with a number of Decepticons. This makes sense considering “the war is over,” Optimus is shackled and Megatron is presumed deceased.

Issue one saw Ironhide killed in a battle with the humans, so now come #4 Ultra Magnus has arrived at Hot Rod’s camp for a debriefing of what went down. When Magnus sees the Decepticons, specifically Constructicon Swindle, he starts chasing him with his guns blazing. This sets up the second best moment of the book in which Magnus tells Hot Rod if he doesn’t turn in Swindle then he is committing treason, to which Hot Rod replies with something to the effect of, “What are you going to do, take us all on?”

I say second best because earlier in the issue during a conversation between Swindle and Hot Rod, where Swindle is attempting to convince Hot Rod to help him recruit more constructicons to build their make-shift space ship before the humans find them. Swindle tells Hot Rod that this is a new era and that the rest of the group respects Hot Rod as their leader, so much so that they call him… Rodimus Prime.

Once again, I love how the IDW-verse is working in some of the G1 highlights. The art is perfect for a transformers title as it gives it bright, somewhat cartoon like feel, and the story is both fun and interesting with really a killer plot for a Transformers title. Plus, who doesn’t like big robots?