This one just wasn't for me. What was I thinking buying this issue? I haven't enjoyed a single Marvel event in the past eight years that was written by Brian Bendis, and SIEGE #1 is a book written by Brian Bendis that has been "eight years in the making." He's obviously a talented writer, but I can't get into his event books... I should have known better.

    The book begins with Osborn and Loki's plan to taint the good name of Asgard, which is to do the exact same thing that started the Civil War... literaly the exact same thing, blow up a building. This time it is Asgard's Volstagg, rather than Robbie Baldwin, who is used as the scapegoat for the travesty (somewhere Penance finally stopper crying). This is the catalyst needed to taint Earths perception of Asgard, and give Osborn an excuse to use his Avengers in an invasion against the Asgardians. 

    After a typical Director Osborn speech, threatening people to do what he wants yada yada, we get a Brave Heart-esq speech from Ares to a sea of Initiative members (that's alot of speeches). This is followed by a full page of President Obama repeating himself over and over on the phone to Norman's secretary stating that he does not want Osborn and the Initiative to attack. 

    The plan begins to become a bit clearer as Loki vists a nude Balder warning him of the on-coming attack. Immediately, the Dark Avengers then swoop in and it's time for a battle royale! 

     Cut to Tony Stark sound asleep in a bed, being baby sat by Maria Hill and Doctor Donald Blake. In possibly the "moment of zen" of the issue, Blake grabs his walking stick and charges out to face Osborn's onslaught to which Maria states, "You're going to need a bigger stick."

    Another page of essentially no dialogue shows Blake running into action and slamming his stick to the ground with a "KRAKAKOOM" as lightning strikes from the sky. Blake has no turned into Thor and flies full speed towards Normie, but is knocked out the way by the koo koo for coco puffs Marvel-U character, Sentry. While he is down Thor is blasted by the full power of the Dark Avengers. Somewhere along the line I missed why these street thugs possess the power to stop a god?

    All of this is caught on camera and reported live on the news, which is being watched by a costumed Steve Rogers. Also, Why he is wearing the Cap suit? He told the Marvel character named "President Obama" only a few weeks ago that he was no longer Captain America... I'm sure this will probably never be addressed. Maybe he wears his old costume as P.J.'s?

    That's that for Siege #1. That's 23 pages of story, 3 of which are spash pages, for only a low low price $3.99!! And you thought gas was over priced? At least gas serves a purpose.