Batman: Under the Red Hood

    Once again being produced by Bruce Timm “Batman: Under the Red Hood” will be the latest DC animated film adaptation. This time brought to life will be issue #‘s 635-641 of the Batman on-going series as written by Judd Winnick. Initially when I heard this announcement, I was of course excited, because the direct to DVD PG-13 DC animated films are possibly the best comic book movies in creation, however I was at the same time disappointed that “Teen Titans: Judas Contract” has once again been pushed to the side. I am beginning to feel like that movie will never be made. I also had my doubts that said Judas Contract hero, Nightwing, would be present in “Under the Hood,” regardless of his involvement in the comic storyline as he was negated from the recent “Public Enemies” film (where he was present in the comic story). Oh how I was surprised when I heard that not only will Nightwing be a main character in “Hood,” but he will be voiced by fan favorite Neil Patrick Harris of “Doogie Howser” and “Harold and Kumar” fame. Jensen Ackles from “Supernatural” will voice Jason Todd which is fitting in my opinion. Also listed in the cast is Ra’s al Ghul so it sounds like the Lazarus pit angle will be credited to JT’s return, as opposed to the despised Superboy Prime punch. All in all I am excited for this one and anxiously await a release date.

Spider-Man 4 Spider-Man Reboot

    Latest news on the reboot is that it will be entirely in 3-D. Can’t say that is surprising. Everyone will want to be capitalizing off of the success of “Avatar” for quite some time (it has also been rumored that Transformers 3 will be completely in 3-D).

    In a bit of positive news it was announced that Brian Bendis will act as a consultant to the film. That should help as his “Ultimate” story was a fan favorite. 

    Music video director, Marc Webb, has been hired and my question is why go for the no name director, but shoot for a big name actor? It seems more logical to me that an experienced director has a higher likelihood of crafting a better quality film while a lesser known actor is sufficient for sales because the character will sell himself, but what do I know. 

    Thus far we have had rumors that either Robert Pattinson (TWILIGHT SAGA), Zac Effron (HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL) or Logan Lerman (PERCY JACKSON & THE OLYMPIANS). The only possible villain announced thus far has been Kraven with a rumored Clive Owen in the role. 

    Personaly, I am not a fan of Sony's idea on this one. I don’t think the Spider-Man franchise had gone that far downhill to warrant a reboot. Part 3 was still the highest grossing film of the trilogy. I theorize, that possibly, Sony was flipping out over the Disney merger and the pressure is probably on to make the film or lose the rights. That, and Hollywood’s ageism in having a geriatric villain in Vulture, as is evident by them going the completely opposite direction having the characters all revert to teenage years. I think the biggest blunder will be realized when the children who literally grew up with the Raimi-verse as their "movie Spider-Man" has their hero taken from them, and they haven’t even reach puberty yet! It’s just too soon.

    While I was in favor of having Raimi add Venom to his previous (and now final) Spider-Man film, it appears that was ultimately the franchises downfall. I am now a believer that Raimi could have made a much better sequel had he been left to his own devices. I believe the same can be said for the film that will never be. Spider-Man 4, with Vulture as the villain (especially if played by Malkovich), would have been a great film.

Oh well, I’m sure Marvel will reboot again once the film rights are theirs.