As a professional wrestling enthusiast I’ve had to listen to the discrediting of both the veracity and validity of Brock Lesnar's skills as a cage fighter ever since the whispers began of his signing with the UFC.  Despite a 106-5 record and a national championship at the college level, Brock was initially thought of as a sideshow freak and a phony and there appears to be even more doubters popping up on the internet like weeds in the garden. 

Brock’s rise to the top had no feeder opponents, no set ups and no Spider Rico’s for him to feast on.  We’re talking about a competitor who stepped through the octagon for the first time against Frank Mir (a former two-time UFC heavyweight champion and one of the sports most highly decorated Brazlian Jujitsu practitioners). And from there he has continued to constantly elevate the level of his competition.  

Lesnar may have flirted with defeat after taking a hell-acious assault in the first round of his fight with fellow mastodon Shane Carwin, an assault that would have perhaps left an average man in a coma... but resembling a Japanese monster, Lesnar made Carwin  tap-out to an arm triangle and became the undisputed UFC heavyweight champion.  Brock displayed in that moment; overly, apparently and abundantly, that he is the rightful owner of Mike Tyson’s former moniker “The Baddest Man on the Planet.”

            The battle with Shane Carwin was the first time Brock had ever really been hurt, the first time where he actually looked human.  I liken it to the moment where Rocky Balboa cuts Ivan Drago in Rocky IV and gains confidence for the first time that Drago is not a machine. Brock’s not a machine, but certainly proved his medal and his constant evolution as a fighter actually garnering submission of the night for his victory over Carwin.

            To the doubters, to the haters, to the folks that still rally around the Fedor’s, Werdum's and Overeem's I ask, can any of you honestly tell me those fighters could have survived the vicious beating that Cawin put on Lesnar?  Could they have answered the bell in the second ring with a smile on their face?  Wouldn’t they have tapped to the barrage of ground and pound that would have made Rodney King cringe?  So you can have the ham-and-eggers, the minor league-ers, the guys that aren’t even good enough to make it to the big time- and contemplate your "what if's."  Personally, I’m confident that the massive Minnesota Mauler, who looks like he was pulled from a nightmare and thrust into the octagon, can prove to any so called “heavyweight” just how bad he really is!