This article was never meant to be written. Strange and bizarre occurrences began the moment I started typing this piece.  At first the interruptions seemed normal; a surprise visitor here, a minor emergency there, but my suspicion that something was amiss arose when I lost all power in my house… twice.

                But loss of electricity became a welcomed hassle after the late night noises and 3:00am knocks on the door (with no one there) began. Ultimately someone, or a group of someone’s, or maybe even something, did not want this article to be written.

Read now the true meaning of the most popular 2012 prophecies and how every single prediction you have ever heard, or haven't heard for that matter, has been grossly misinterpreted. As truly, all foretelling of everything in between December 1st through December 21, 2012 relates to what is up-coming... in 2012 fan boy films.


Is it any coincidence that the most widely publicized 2012 prediction involves the end of the world, or a similar catastrophe? The end is said to be due to some sort of impact event such as a collision between earth and a large meteorite or even a long forgotten planet. Some say our solar system used to contain another planet, but that hunk of rock has been long forgotten by earth’s inhabitants. But as the theory goes, we will be rocked into remembrance when that that old fiery ball of flames returns in 2012.


                To decipher this prediction we must take a look back in time, to the year 2007 when perhaps the most forgettable of any movie based on a Marvel character, ever, was released. Ghost Rider, starring Nic Cage, received overwhelmingly negative reviews from both fans and critics alike. Most of the earth's population was certain that a sequel to this abomination would never see daylight; however Columbia Pictures has announced that Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, starring Nic Cage, will hit theaters on February 17, 2012.

 This long forgotten Marvel character with a head of fire returns to continue his franchise and re-enter the Marvel movie system. And if the rumors are true, this soft reboot could be the Ghost Rider film that longtime fans of Flame Head have been burning for. One of my favorite rumors is that Dan Ketch will be introduced into the film series. In what capacity, who knows? I much prefer Ketch to Blaze, probably because growing up in the 80’s/90’s he was “my” Ghost Rider. Dan Ketch was the second Ghost Rider and, imho, the much cooler Spirit of Vengeance (the one with the spikey costume). While his inclusion in the film may only be a rumor the villain in Ghost Rider 2 has been confirmed to be the character Blackout. This lends credence to the Ketch rumor since Blackout was a Ketch villain, not a Blaze villain. If Ketch is in the film, then the next question is - will the film go the route of revealing that Blaze and Ketch are actually brothers? And this only scratches the rumor mill surface with Spirit of Vengeance as undoubtedly the most interesting rumor of all is the possibility of the introduction of Zarathos, the evil entity Mephisto bonded to Johnny Blaze when he turned him into Ghost Rider. I feel it is worth noting that on occasion Johnny Blaze and Dan Ketch have teamed-up to face Zarathos.

 If these rumors are true, this movie will be explosive. But regardless, just the fact that Ghost Rider is returning to the Marvel movie universe after such a forgettable first showing, coupled with the fact that he is a flaming skull, falls in line perfectly with the 2012 prediction of a fiery meteor or long forgotten planet returning to the solar system.


 Some predict the initiator of this series of catastrophic events will be a galactic alignment across the solar system. This is typically interpreted apocalyptically, claiming that when the galactic alignment occurs pole shifts will be triggered on earth which will ultimately create global havoc. This prediction may typically be predicted apocalyptically, but I believe the proper interpretation to be... heroically.


                 In many respects the basic hypothesis is 100% true. There will be a massive shift in the entire superhero movie system on May 4, 2012 when the stars will align as Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Incredible Hulk, Black Widow and Hawkeye ally themselves with Nick Fury in Avengers.

    They say that the impending havoc will include wars like none that have come before in our history... and they're right. There will be god vs god as Thor faces his evil brother, the trickster Loki. 

A gamma ray burst or some other devastating blast of cosmic radiation is also said to occur. Need I mention the name of the gamma infused green Goliath? Or could this be interpreted as meaning Marvel's stars will align to face a cosmic villain? Someone, say, like the the Avatar of Death, Thanos?

2012 phenomena proponents often insist alien visitation during this special year, or possibly even an alien invasion. This falls in line perfectly with the rumors that the Avengers form to protect the world from a war with the alien Skrulls.

Regardless, Avengers will cause a certain type of havoc or better put, fervor, when it hits theaters next May. It will not only be the initiator of the 2012 Summer movie season, but will cause a shift in our view of what is possible on film. Never in the history of humankind have we been closer to the true spirit of superhero comic books then we will be on May 4, 2012, with the first ever multi-film franchise crossover.                                                 


 Some experts interpret the Mayan calendar as perfectly anticipating said galactic alignment, with 2012 being the year the Earth passes through a Dark Rift.

To understand this, we should first look at the definitions:

·         Dark – gloomy or dismal.

·         Rift - a break in friendly relations or a different opinion


    Have you seen the trailer for Amazing Spider-Man? It certainly shows a break from the typical friendly neighborhood wall crawler with a different, dark, gloomy opinion/version of the Web Head. This movie looks so dark, I thought Parker was going to slit his wrists before the preview ended.


[Give the kids what they want; blood and sex]

While Spider-Man 3 was disappointing, a bit boring and pretty much unwatchable, I don’t think a reboot is absolutely necessary. I just can't understand what is so hard about making a sequel where the past films are ignored, yet never contradicted (which is really all that is needed in this case). I guess that would take more effort than just sticking with what is easy and/or what has already been done. Oh wait, this time it's going to be different because it's going to be done right.... right...

Amazing Spider-Man opens July 3, 2012 and takes us on the same journey all over again with young Parker being bitten by a radioactive spider and learning to use his powers, only this time it’s gritty and edgier. Just what we always wanted in a Spider-Man film! The film is co-starring Martin Sheen, Sally Field and Dennis Leary. I'm not joking.


[At least Spidey has web shooters this time]


    It is possible, of course, that the prophecy of the Dark Rift relates to.... The Dark Knight...

                   The earth will quake, as will possibly The Dark Knight, when evil rises in the destructive form of Bane. Will Bruce Wayne's back be broken? Will Catwoman be the thief we know and love? Or will she be the two dollar hooker from Miller's Year One? Will Ra's Al Ghul return? Or will the League of Shadows return under the guidance of Talia Al Ghul, perhaps with Bane as the hired assassin to terminate Bruce Wayne for murdering The Demons head? 

                  Every leaked DKR photo holds a clue with a million possibilities. Is Catwoman stealing the bat-cycle? Or is she filling in for Batman due to Bane breaking his back? Is that really Selina Kyle’s Catwoman costume? Really?

                 The Dark Knight Rises is scheduled for release on July 20, 2012 and is the final chapter in Christopher Nolan's epic Batman opus.


                An abrupt repositioning of earth's rotation axis or a sudden change in the physical constants governing the universe. Is this prophecy meant to be taken literal?


                  Or is the repositioning of Wolverine from team character to solo character a bit more accurate? A sudden change in directors occurred as last November cult favorite Darren Aronofsky was hired and then suddenly only a few months later seemingly fired or "bowed out" as the official statement claims. Could the truth be that Aronofsky's take was going to be much too off-beat for 20th Century Fox? Much like how many licks it will take to get to the center of a tootsie-pop, the world may never know.

                 Regardless, filming is scheduled to begin in October 2011 so we can still look forward to a 2012 release date. James Mangold (Cop Land, Walk the Line) was recently announced as the new director and the films title remains The Wolverine.

                Even without the ingenious Aronofsky at the helm the originally announced story, a loose adaptation of the Claremont/Miller mini, is still the crux of the supposed script. We are also promised a love story with Mariko (most likely her death) and Silver Samurai as the villain. Sounds like a nice mix of grounded martial arts realism with superhero flare if you ask me.


                Another idea tied to 2012 is there will be a balancing of the cosmos. A time of equality, knowledge, reason and freedom.


                September 21, 2012 is the date the adaptation of indie superhero comics into feature films becomes equal with the Marvel/DC adaptations. The date that balance will be brought to the theaters.

                Who better to launch this new comic book freedom than lawman Judge Dredd. The knowledge of who this character really is will finally be brought to the masses when Dredd hits the screen next summer. And with this one I really believe them when they say it's going to be done right this time.

                Although he is not the director, it is exciting to know that Danny Boyle (28 Days Later) is involved as this most likely means the film will receive a wide release and fans in the states should be able to enjoy Dredd in theaters right along with fans across the pond.


                It is obvious that 2012 truly is the beginning of a new era, a time when superhero films will take control of their own destiny and rightful heritage. Humankind will become enlightened with this new knowledge, that superhero movies can be more than we ever dreamed possible; action movie, dramatic thriller, dramedy, comedy, epic fantasy, dark reality... stories of the destiny of humankind, revealing truth and expanding our overall state of consciousness.