What makes a great program? I’m certain the reason we all watch Arrow is because of the main character, Green Arrow. How is it then that last week’s episode, "The Odyssey," did not even feature Green Arrow, yet it was the best episode of the series thus far? This is how you can judge if a TV show is great or not. If the hero of the program, in this case it’s Green Arrow, is not even in the episode yet it is the best episode of the series.

            Another part of Arrow’s winning formula is that it follows in the footsteps of Batman Begins. From the tone to the realism, this is DC’s method of success. One element, like in the Batman films, is that of morals. Moral questions like in Dark Knight when the boat of straight edge average joes had to decide if it was moral to save women and children by exploding a boat full of felons. Arrow goes to a place Batman refuses to go, or at least asks a question that Batman would never fathom asking – Is the death penalty ethical?

            I can tell you that if GA was in the real world I wouldn’t like. I’d feel the same way Ollie’s best friend, you know the dude Laurel is settling for. GA is a murderer, case closed. He is no hero. Then again, in Ollie’s own words- Ollie said “I’m not a hero.”

Last week Diggle had a telling exchange with the newest member of their crew:

“This bow has put an arrow in quite a few people.”

“Yeah, bad people.”

“That doesn’t bother you?...You seem like the kind of guy that would bother.”

            Diggle then goes on to recount a story about how his unit in Afghanistan protected an opium dealing warlord. He tells of an instance when the evil warlord that the U.S. government had him protect was attacked and Diggle successfully killed all of the attackers only to find the attacker was a young boy and Diggle had protected a “human piece of garbage” by murdering a child.

 “Am I still good, am I still a good man? .. Doing this with Oliver, doing what I do, I feel good again for the first time in a long time?”

“And that’s worth all of the collateral damage?”

“I haven’t killed anyone if that’s what you’re asking.”

“But he has.”

“Unfortunately there are always causalities when you’re fighting a war.”

The whole war casualty argument doesn’t resonate with me. What I hear in these guys words and see in their actions is that they became murderers by circumstance; Diggle because of his misguided notion of patriotism and Ollie because of pure need to survive on the island. Out of those life changing events came an overpowering need for justice and because there is no justice in the legal system or in the U.S. military these guys took things into their own hands. Like I said, in real life I wouldn’t be cheering them on, but there’s something about when a man or woman puts on tights and adopts a codename that makes me believe in their crusade. And hey, it’s only television, right?