From the director of the Jumanji, The Rocketeer, and Jurassic Park III comes the next franchise to be in need of a reboot, Captain America. This one has been in the works for nearly a decade, and has featured more speculation about it’s leading man then any movie in recent history. 

     Finally settling for Chris Evans (who is perhaps most well known for his role as Human Torch).   With the decision to cast Chris Evans, I wonder if Marvel is now recycling actors along with their film properties? 

     Apparently set during World War II and featuring the enigmatic origins of  90 pound weakling Steve Rogers, this movie is likely to come off as an over inflated big budgeted World War II movie.  Maybe that’s why they hired the writers of the Narnia series for their knowledge of the backdrop of the war? 

    In my opinion, Joe Johnston and his creative team are obviously only interested in telling their version of a character who has been proven successful for nearly sixty years.  Don’t get me wrong, I think Chris Evans is a good a choice as any.  Although, I find it hard to imagine him pulling of the ninety pound weakling aspect of the character.  But hey, there’s always glasses and baggy clothes. 

     Since everything is just speculation, I suppose my criticisms are of a glass half empty nature.  But after the "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" debacle, I’m concerned with the amount of time it’s taken to even get this film off the ground.  Captain America is a property that is as simple to make successful as the Punisher or Incredible Hulk.  Captain America is a soldier and people want to see him kick some a__!  Nevertheless, Johnston has come out with a statement that since the American Military is so hated globally, Cap will instead be a member of the USO.  Maybe this guy should spend sometime thinking about producing a quality product and less time worrying about his global box office?
     I simply express my concerns because I don’t want a hack director like Johnston hampering the first hero collaborative super hero movie, in Avengers.  As I said, all the rumors and plot teasers are just speculation, but when a creative property is given to a team that’s all proven to produce flawed films (see "Wolfman" and "Chronicles of Narnia 2") really, what hope is there to have that a blockbuster will be produced?  Goodness, Wolfman had commercials aired during the Super Bowl and it still couldn’t open number one.  And now in typical Hollywood fashion, these brilliant brain trusts are deciding that they need to tweak a character who simplicity is the most paramount factor in his success. 

     I guess I should relax, take a deep breathe, and wait three years until an entirely different creative team gets a crack at the Captain America reboot.

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