I have been looking forward to watching this movie for quite some time, not only because of the hype surrounding three talented actors filling in for Heath Ledger, but because of it being directed by the dude that brought us 12 Monkeys, Terry Gilliam.

    This film had its ups and downs, and not always in a good way. Despite the interviews stating not much had to be changed from the original script after the untimely passing of the film's hero, the movie still felt very disjointed. With certain scenes not really gelling and the overall movie was fuzzy at times. 

    Speaking of hero... it really hit me by surprise with how much of a bad guy Tony (Ledger/Law/Ferrell/Depp) was. As Heath, and carried on by Depp, Tony felt shady, but somewhat deep. As if, yeah he may be a bad guy, but there is good in him. Law's interpretation felt even more pure or misunderstood and the WHAM we're hit with Colin Ferrell's Tony who's hitting women and just an all around bad guy. It just didn't feel right to me. Ledger's version obviously had a soft spot. Was this all on purpose? Were the different representations of the Tony character truly this drastic in the original script? Even so, I still don't like the idea of him being such a harsh villian. 

    I enjoyed the the movie up until the Ferrell scenes (by no fault of his own). Up until that point I feel the movie had some semblance of coherency. Folks enter the mirror at the travelling gypsy sideshow, which is the good Doctors mind (*cough*being john malkovich*cough*). I loved the whole concept of the choice that the people who enter are forced to make. Apparently Dr. Parnassus has made a deal with the devil and the first to win five souls is the winner. Tony helps Parnassus and the gang make money, reinvent their show and even serves as a guide through the mind of Parnassus for some patrons. The movie is unique, dark and deep until about 3/4 of the way through when the Tony character is 100% evil, with no depth and no personality.

    The ending just really killed this one for me. Some may complain about the special effects of the confusion between actors, while this guy wasn't down with main character being a cookie cutter criminal. What do you think? Tell us how you really feel.