It's no secret to viewers that Michonne can take care of herself, yet the Governor insisted on taking her weapon and forcing his protection service onto her. Finally on episode 5 she ditched Andrea and got the hell outta there.

        Like upscale slaves in luxury cages they were fed the lie of security as a trade for their freedom- and Michonne never bought it. We'll see where hanging onto a dream of having a guy and his goons monopolize protection gets her. It's a shame Andrea has so little brains a zombie would be left hungry after snacking in the AMC series, I really love her in the book.

        What if a herd breaks down the walls to the Governors compound and starts eating everybody? Are he and his goons going to be able to protect every single person there? Are they even going to want to? Or will they be more worried about their own lives and loved ones? Michonne knows that in this world you can only rely on yourself, to protect yourself.

        The Governor knocks out other groups that could potentionally compete with his protection racket as evidenced by him taking out the remnants of some military unit last week. Certainly in a disaster scenario a large majority are going to look to the military for guidance... instead of looking to The Governor. He requires a monopoly on protection services if he is going to maintain control.

        Is freedom having someone else protect you or being free to protect yourself? I'd imagine Darryl would say something to the effect of "freedom is between the finger and the trigger" or "freedom is between the lock and the load." If Michonne was free living under The Governor, she would have the choice to protect herself in whatever manner she saw fit. And her choice is to protect herself with her sword, not to be protected by the goon squad. The Governor would much rather prefer to not even offer her a choice in the matter, even a choice in letting Michonne leave the compound altogether if not for his own desires to have Andrea fall for his propaganda; hook, line and sinker. Michonne knows that the people who want to own you, want to take away your weapons.