C.F. Arnold's Statement:

            What makes one the greatest? Is it being first? Cyclops – check. Cyclops was the first X-Man, and til’ this day the greatest X-Man. Does being chosen as leader of the team make you the greatest? Being leader most definitely means you are the greatest tactician and most skilled on missions in team settings…which the X-Men is.

The X-Men is a team book. The X-Men isn’t called “Wolverine.” And as far as every member of the team goes, Cyclops is the greatest. There is no one else on the team who is able to inspire or lead. He is the only worthy successor to Xavier himself.

He belongs to a sort of dynasty family of heroes. Everyone from his father to his brother, to his girlfriends and kids are some of the world’s greatest heroes.

The thing that really makes Cyclops the greatest X-Man is that he not only is a total bad ass, but he is also in complete control of his actions. He may blast your face and blow your head off, but it’s rarely because he is out of control. He’s not some feral blood lusting beast, he is a leader, a hero and the patriarch of the X-Men.

BIG TeTe Response:

          With his overwhelming over exposure and explosion into main stream pop culture, Logan is the obvious choice to the question “Who is the greatest X-man.”  However, just because something is the obvious choice, it doesn’t mean it isn’t true.   Logan’s Clint Eastwood like grit and fearlessness in the face of battle put him amidst the top of overall badass characters in the Marvel universe.  On the X-Men however, Logan takes the ultimate bad-ass badge prize in a walk.   For argument’s sake, let’s ask this question.  The Hulk is ripping and rampaging  New York city like Godzilla in Tokyo, is there any real chance that Cyclops could stand up to the raw power and brute force of the mean green gamma machine?    Absolutely not, who you gonna call? Call Logan!

Then there is the overall cool factor.  I really don’t want to be too hard on Cyclops because I actually believe he is essential to the X-men as the glue that holds all of their conflicting personalities together.  On the cool meter though, comparing Wolverine to Cyclops is like comparing Zack Morris to Screech Powers.  Wolverine is a samurai, a warrior, and a tortured soul with inner demons that tear at the very fabric of his being.   Cyclops is a boy scout, a prude, and the prototypical square jawed 1960’s team leader.  Perhaps I missed the mark stigmatizing Hal Jordan with this same characterization, but in Cyclops case I feel this assessment is dead on. 

Final point to be made is in character depth.  Not only has Wolverine had a thriving solo series for quite some time, but at points it has actually been a center piece of the marvel universe, and Wolverine is one of Marvel’s flagship characters.  Can anyone out there actually believe a convincing argument that a solo Cyclops series would hold even one smidge of the entertainment value that Wolverine’s book has provided for decades?   Cyclops is a viable and prudent member of the X-Men and as far as I’m concerned should always be team leader in combat situations.  Only thing is, as a comic fan, I don’t see anything in Scott that would earn him the moniker of greatest X-Man.  Wolverine gets the gold ribbon here despite being the trendy choice.  So back off bub!